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Saturday, June 1, 2019

శ్రీ చైతన్య, నారాయణ లో ఇంగ్లిష్ స్టాండర్డ్స్

Entire staff of sriChaitanya and Narayana schools start learning English I am sure it can bring some change to the standards of English in these schools. 

Poolabala at the English Training session with seniors

Childhood is the  best time for Learning English or any language but unfortunately millions of people can not learn English in the childhood due to bad childhood, bad schools. Even school considered good by virtue of brand name such as Chaitanya and Narayana have the worst standards when it comes to English. I have seen many students from Chaitanaya and Narayana who generally cut a sorry figure when you ask even the utmost basics of English language. The worst part of the childhood in Andhrapradesh is the uneducated and greedy parents who look for marks and nothing else. Without language the vital functions of the brain such as thinking , reasoning. judging will be lost. IN the absence of language skills brain growth is retarded and students are doomed to darkness and immaturity. 

Age no bar for English learning. 

You don't worry if you can not speak  English people who went to big branded schools like Sri chaitanya and Narayana are more miserable than you. Better later than never. Start learning now.

There is always a chance to learn English language at any age but there is a need to teach thinking and reasoning skills along with language skills. That is why people who had missed English language skills in the childhood must be taught several . There is a need to teach life skills along with English. 


  1. Yes sir,I agree with you.there is no thinking and reasoning skills in colleges like chaitanya and narayana and there is no proper teaching skills too...they don't use government provided text books,they use their materials which gives us zero knowledge.