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Monday, June 3, 2019

Treasure Island - Poolabala

Much before the dawn, while the twilight sky sings aubade
The Celerio sets-out on a mystical journey, the clouds slowly fade
The journey recalls the past and rejoices the present
This is the beautiful truth that we could never foresee
In the prime of our youth, because beyond intellect lies the truth.

No words only rays of light from eyes speak, each shade a thing
the aspects in her lively dark eyes are clear though the light is dim
The car glides down the serene road, that counts the distance run
Perhaps with each mile crossed we traversed a year in the past
My hands are firm on the steering, my gaze is fixed on the road
Only the driver is before the steering wheel but the man is missing
He left the driving seat with his heart like a bird that left the nest
and wanders in the sky of reveries.....

The car hit the highway I tried to listen to her but little room for words
Words may stumble but looks not, (thousand colored looks may confuse
But not feelings, feelings and instincts never fail, they reach the destination)
Her eyes tell days in goodness spent, her smiles showed several graces
In the stream of silence with the other pair we moved several paces
silence and the journey me and her two pairs and love in such ambiance brews               with each smile sublime her eyes glow and with each glow our fondness grows. 

The breeze was still cool when the car hit Tenali road
The sun looks like a large apple, the redness of the Sun
reminded me of her blush when I first took her hand
just a few paces were stolen by the nature we'ere transfixed
we 're absorbed into each other and merged with the nature
I was damn lost to the world, I saw Shakespeare with bagpiper
Wordsworth composing a song of nature together with Keats
with all the romanticism and Mj singing in blithe spirit
She shook me to the sun who in turn shook me out of my dream

The Sun is no more a baby in the cradle of the sky
He looked like a gruesome warrior with a terrible sword 
but we availed ourselves the vistas of the great trees
with branches intertwining at the top, provided us the shield.

Five years ago we traveled on the same road on the same purpose 
to the same destination but those moments were not so sweet as they are today. 

Today in all its beauty the nature churns sweet instincts.

The sweetest moments of life with reveries of poets of the proud lineage.

Heart feels in the mouth, maybe love grows sweeter when it grows old.
We visited the temple and had Darshan of lord Venkateswara
Finally I felt the journey has unfolded the fascinating side of life 
and took me into the Treasure Island of the past. 

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