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Thursday, August 22, 2019

The fallacy of Renaissance men

What is the Truth behind the renaissance men. A woman deserves to be called a Renaissance Man?

Images from the bygone time are like antiques. They embrace eclectic texture of moods and confer on the heart enduring pleasure and rejuvenate the mind.

Earth is the mother that endures all her children. Wife is also a mother when she endures her man. She is man when she deals with daunting tasks with intrepid fashion. Her fight deserves glory and her glory deserves honor and her honor commands my love and commandeers respect. She is an accomplished lady. Her outstanding courage makes her a man. 

A renaissance man is a polymath like Leonardo da Vinci,  Michelangelo, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe , Rabindranath Tagore . These men are regarded as a renaissance men. But it is a fallacy to believe that  multi talented men are regarded as  Renaissance men.  But the basic reality is quite contradictory. when Life is viewed as talent  people try to compete and forget to live. A church is not its steeple nor its architecture  so is Life. Life is  is not  talent. 

(Edward Alexander Crowley a prolific writer , mountaineer, painter is  a highly influential figure over western esotericism and the counterculture but what avail? He has  widespread notoriety during his lifetime, the press described him as the wickedest man in the world and a Satanist, his mother defined him human beast.) 

Life is not its performance at the best. Real accomplishments are not those that appear in the front lights on the stage of life. Such accomplishments are far too inferior to glorify the life. without the guiding humanity even the best performer is only a machine. Grades without commonsense mean nothing.  Claps and compliments perish only the noble values cherish. This is what one must remember when one admires the talent of an actor , singer, dancer, writer or anybody. Today education that doesn't bother about behavior but memory. Media doesn't bother about inner qualities and values of celebrities. Both are the reasons behind the rotting society.   Media ( cinema also) is insensibly highlighting the people better than they actually are may be ok. This is called window make up in business language. Idiomatically they can be called RED HERRING which takes people's attention away from the main subject, problem, or situation that they should be considering.  

It is sensible to count on the inner qualities rather than outer accomplishments when we talk about renaissance men. She possessed oodles of  such noble qualities and values.  She is the untrollable With the underlying quality of Humanism which prepares her for any level of sacrifice. It left me stunned many a time. She is Varalakshmi my better half. 

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