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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Stolen Horse Trilogy (Ride and Feel ) - Part 2

The mare is so bare, her beauty the beholders ensnare
No saddle, no girth the bareback ride is a seamless mirth
Mounting was perfect pleasure it was her fond gesture
It would his senses capture, the ride forges into rapture

Clip clop clip clop she's so gentle until the stable gate
trot .. trot  ..trot .. trot  began the jerks  in a   spate
later the movement was greater and began to canter
He was steady and she was ready, it is mere wonder
so soon down the draw bridge  and gallops asunder

Like all horses she has a language of her own
Her emotions in breath and body language shown
she is so smooth silky and couth, no wonder 
She is an enchanter, and a silent challenger

Hardly had he kissed, the rhythm in her body sped
Oh! how gaudy are her legs when they are spread
What a gallop she reaches,  new skills she teaches
She is as plum as peaches, as aplomb as princess.

When the  Roxburgh sky  is lit by the heaven’s eye
Between Tweed ,Teviot she dashes on ramp so high
on either side of the ramp the rivers look like mirrors
reflecting distant hills n billowing clouds without errors

He caught the glimpse of her shape either side
He locked his legs around her waist she slowed
The sprint vanished and leisurely dance evolved
the dance  he watched eagerly and was absorbed
It resembled romance he had with Romanian girl

The Kight at arms  was playful the ride was fateful
She too watched the ride with pride like a new bride
The ride turned into game, to run away, is a shame
So they danced and danced until they are vanquished

The sun’s golden rays glow in the pearls of sweat
Trickles down his body seems like he won the bet
The ride lasted  thirty minutes it had the mare blasted

The breeze paused a while he slept on her mane
From Kelso  to Berwick on the grassy terrain
Then back to Roxburg castle without any restrain
towards the end the run grows swifter and swifter
It feels real ride, the fun grows sweeter and sweeter
The twirling transit ends  in the never,  never land
He left the horse is back in Roxburgshire


  1. I am short of adjectives whenever it comes to explaining about your language skills, sir. I am fortunate to know you personally. This poem is one of its kind and shows your ease in putting any sort of complex literature into simple writing. Your vocabulary often questions my english that I’ve been learning since my schooling. Thanks a ton for being a brand ambassador of language and literature to modern age students.

  2. Dear Chaitu, You are a profound learner yet very modest. You have the fire to learn which many students lack. You have sufficient vocabulary and skill for self expression. People who have neither can write, words like good, super. I admire your love of languages. May your tribe increase.

  3. It was so splendid and unique poem,I haven't come through any kind of poem which portrayed and emphasized vividly. I'm really looking forward to learn adroitness from you, sir.

  4. By reading this poem we can able to learn good vocabulary and your writing skills are excellent

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