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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Shocking Question by High School Children.

    Personality development session for the students of Siddhradha College Students took place in the month of September 2019. The interest was on low key at the beginning of the program but slowly gained the interest as it progressed. after 20 minutes or so the it touched the peak and soon the participants are absorbed in the program. It was a slide show that covered wide range of topics mainly focusing on the self awareness and thinking and problem solving skills.

Learning skills program for young children at Ramavarappadu High School on 5th October 2019.

I had have many training sessions of various skill development programs but this program is entirely different because it has touched the hearts of the students and teachers as well. It was a 150 slide show. that covered many sensitive areas of learning, reading and thinking and behaviour.
  The teachers and the students had great joy and surprise. I have received bouquets, shawls, felicitation but here in this High school I have received tears of joy from the teachers and a question from the students "why did you choose this school?" ( because nobody comes to us to teach such things- they said.) I assured them that I would visit them again. and came out with a heavy heart. 


  1. Nice Sir,keep it .Now a days Motivators like you, are very essential for the students...

  2. Only few people think like you sir, Because you think as "Nothing personal, It's just a service".