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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Difference between preface and foreword

Prologue or foreword is about the story and scenes of the book usually written by somebody other than the author. Preface is about the discussion of the subject area. Prologue comes first and preface follows the preface.  You must have already read the preface of my novel New Life. Now you read the prologue of the novel New life. I am sure that it fires your zeal. 



Pearl like people, honey like hearts, gold like character. Each character is worthy of admiration and emulation. Five heroines are heros of this novel. They live in the beautiful garden of friendship sail together in love ship and help each other in courtship.

Manalini is from Rajastan, Kyravi is from west Bengal, Devaki is from Mathura, Meghana is from Andhra. Mapuii is from Mizo. They emerge from different states of India, embrace different traditions. When all traditions melt in under the heat of metro culture what saves them forms the basis of the story New Life.

Unforeseen events , shocking twists, the mystery of Mayur continuous until the climax. Delicate humour appears like rainbow in the azure sky,  time to time the romantic breeze  touches the tender love clouds that precipitate dense romance.

Manalni is the  iconic social servant . social service is the blood in her veins. She is devotional , sentimental , duty minded. A look of her can cast away evil and a touch of her can mitigate pain. but it is painful to see that she lacks man's touch. she can not imagine how a man feels until suddenly she puts her hand in the hand of a handsome doctor.  Two hearts soldier in the in the heat of love. Love is too unpredictable and unstoppable.

Kairavi who imbibed use and throw philosophy goes near the lamp of love.  Like a phototactic insect she gets stuck to the lamp of love.

Devaki anglic beauty in her middle age  under the duress of the failed marriage often bewildered at the thought of remarriage.  when the word marriage is uttered shyness takes better of her. She never believes that one day she can sit under her own vine and fig tree. With kick of luck she is transported into the world of wealth and love.   Presumably her favourite God  kanniah gives her the kick.  After all She is His devotee and from Mathura too.

Mizo beauty Mapuii is shrinking in the quagmire of defeatism.  Mapuii  despises marriage like Devaki. There are many similarities between Mapuii and Devaki. But there is a strong dichotomy between  them. Mapuii runs away from her polygamous husband unlike Devaki. The untold polygamous culture of Mizo is revealed in detail. meghana's trip to Mizo brings Mizoram alive with its rivers, mountains, waterfalls , towns, people and literature.  Manjyoth’s honest love gives her hope.  Meghana with her indefatigable efforts extricates Mapuii from the tanticles of first marriage.

Even NASA fails to measure the depth of Meghana’s heart.   Meghana who seems to be in the abbys reaches zenith.  With head in zenith she sings aubade to the new life.


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