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Thursday, June 21, 2018

French German Work Shop - Poolabala

The gates of Nandi Academy flung open for a three day work shop on French and Foreign languages. IT IS AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE AT NANDYAL. The children of the school are exposed to seven foreign languages. I have the pleasure of entertaining the children. 

 I am ready to offer my service free to small schools that think foreign languages is necessary for their students. Schools in Vijayawada have not a single minute for such things. Eazy Foreign Languages has a very good image in the general public and the people of Vijayawada honor foreign languages French and German in Vijayawada. 



The workshop is a  feast with rare menu. If you look at the dishes offered in the menu you will gladly accept that it is the rarest feast to the children. It is also a feast to my soul. I thank the magical hand behind the ' MAGIC OF LANGUAGES"  work shop Smt. Padmakala for giving me this opportunity and rising curtain to this esoteric  extravaganza. 

 The children are fortunate to have such a Principal who is making the school futuristic among rustic corporate schools which can not even imagine such a work-shop. That is why children in corporate schools don't have proper English leave alone foreign language.  

That is why I am extremely delighted to enjoy myslef  these three days. So I declared 3 days holidays on 11th 12th and 13th of June to  "EAZY FOREIGN LANGUAGES" Vijayawada and went on pursuing my hobby , dream and profession " foreign languages"

The first day 

Dynamics of English language, the sounds of English language. The second day usage of advanced vocabulary and reading  articles and understanding the structures of English. I dealt with the beauty of English.

The third day,

13th June is the master blaster - workshop on Foreign languages. The dawn broke with great alacrity and the jubilation. The assembly starts at 8.00 am. but I started my work at 7.00 am. I met students in the hostel,  in the dining hall and under trees in the sprawling 40 acre campus. I training the students on French, German and Japanese conversations. Italian and Spanish greetings.  

I am surprised to find that each of the foreign languages attracted the children like a magnet. Just with in half an hour a dozen students were ready to perform in the assembly. I led the dozen children to the assembly where I was invited to present each of the seven foreign languages. I was elated at the invitation and swung on to the dais.     

I began with Japanese speech " KYO WA SUBARASI DESU - meaning today is a beautiful day"  I spoke for two minutes in japanese and sang in japanese the "sukaki song" They are absorbed into Japanese then started the French and German Musical presentation. I  played with both languages singing the basics of the languages with various musical tunes. Fortunately there was a piano accompaniment. The piano blended with my voice and made my presentation splendid.I quickly finished my Italian and Spanish speeches as the children were eager. 


After the assembly the Work shop on French and German started. the work shop continued until 3.00 pm. Richards was with me all the time until three. After lunch I went to the Guest house rested for a while and returned to the school at 4.30. The teachers were waiting for a Special class on English phonetics. The class was in Audio Visual room. I used projector and present phonetics and dictionary pronunciation. The teachers found it interesting. Richards was also present in the A.V room. Richards  shadowed me like true disciple , he has both respect for the Guru and quest for the knowledge. The principal Smt. Padmakala called both of us Ramakrishna and Vivekananda. Mr. Richards went home but came back at 8.30 to drop me at the bus stand. I got into the 10.00 pm bus. Richards waited until the bus moved and waved at me and vanished into the night's darkness. 


  1. Good to hear from u from poola bala garu

  2. Pleasure meeting you sir , looking forward & hope you come soon to nandyal again.

    1. Certainly Madam. Wer A sagt, muss auch B sagen. This means one must be committed all the way. The man who starts something should continue it. I want to do a creative work with children and make a history with our guidance.