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Friday, November 19, 2021

Applause @ VVIT

On 17th November 2021 I spent my whole day serving Vasireddy Venkatadri Institutions of Technology. This is purely my service to the field of education.I didn't do it for any sort of monetary benefit. 

I was formally invited  to speak on foreign languages  at VVIT Campus which is on the way to Guntur in a small village called Nambur. It is 50 kilometers one way from VANUKURU whre I live.  I started at 12.00 pm from my place.  The seminar was from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm.  I reached the college at 1.00 pm.  I met the chairman of the Institutions Mr. Vasireddy Vidya sagar. We had lunch together.   

Lunch with Mr. Vidyasagar the chairman of VVIT

After the lunch I was taken to the auditorium by the students and faculty members. About 300 students attended the seminar on Foreign languages. The students participated enthusiastically in the seminar. I first addressed the students in Spanish later I switched over to German, later to French, Italian and Japanese.   

finally landed in Telugu after  I speaking in six languages.  Every time I changed the language the students clapped with glee. The sound of claps gave me immense joy. Every time I spoke about the books I wrote in foreign languages or the foreign authors I met,  the seminar hall was electrified. finally when I was speaking about BHRATAVARHA (my Telugu novel under Guinness record  assessment) the claps sounded  louder and continued longer.  The seminar was over at 4.00 pm as planned. I returned home from the college at 7.00 pm. The sound of claps still rings in my heart. 

సేవలో  ఏదో ఒక చిన్న తృప్తి.


  1. Wow. All people work for survival. But you work for self-satisfaction. For you only it is possible. Great.

  2. Great service. Proud movement for you and all your friends and family too.
    God bless you.