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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Momentous Meeting

Mr.Uma Maheswar Rao

I haven't achieved anything great. Yet I have the satisfaction of a great achievement. My friend Mr.Pavan and I are on a charity mission. We met this unassuming personality in the afternoon of 2nd Feb, at Babai Hotel Vijayawada for his counsel. I never thought nor anybody could ever expect  a film director to be so simple. I introduced myself and also my recent book "science fiction". He is a well read man. "Russians wrote a great deal of science fiction" he said. He talked for a few minutes. His talk covered Russian writers, French films, Oscar awards. I soon realized that was sitting before a talking book. I adumbrated a story from the my " science fiction". He listened to the story with keen interest and said "It can be a good plot for a movie" I enjoyed great time with him. We had tea together. It is a memorable, chance meeting. Always fresh in my mind.

I thank him through my blog for ushering way to my friend Mr.Pavan the Founder Chairman of a Charitable association by giving a piece of advice in connection with a fundraising program for building an orphanage.

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