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Sunday, January 22, 2017

How to develop your English - Poolabala

 Develop reading and writing as a habit. 

Those who want to learn writing must write every day. They must take a topic and write everyday. Then only they  can find their weaknesses such as 

1.Shallowness of knowledge 2.Lack of grammar 3.Erroneous sentence structure 4.Lack of organization of ideas into meaningful paragraphs. 

1. Shallowness of knowledge.

Lack of commonsense this is the common problem associated with people who don't know English -  Usually these people can not imagine a few meaningful words about any given topic. In other words they can not say four or five meaningful sentences about a given topic even in their mother tongue. This class of people are generally lazy. They don't want to read. They don't want to write. Their articulation and memory are weak due to their bad attitude. Their attitude is that they don't want to struggle for English. They only worry about English. They want have beautiful English just by learning grammar rules. What they never realize is that they can not develop their English without reading extensively. (at least ten books).
 If they can overcome the first problem the rest are trivial problems or not at all problems. Remaining problems such as lack of grammar, erroneous sentence structure, lack of organization of ideas into meaningful paragraphs can be overcome only when the learner is prepared to work. Unfortunately these people are merely listeners, in other words non learners. They don't work. They lack work culture. They always seek explanation. 

Such people should develop work culture and measure their work quantitatively. They have to ask themselves:

How many essays I have read?
How  many paragraphs I have written?
Can I write an essay effectively?
How many conversations I have learnt or I do each day?
How long I speak English Each day? ( 10 min/20 min/1 hr)
Do I speak English continuously or a few sentences here and there in mother tongue? 

How to advance your English and develop style of writing?

writing , reading, speaking and listening are normal in the first level. You get average quality in the first level. How to get good quality or superior quality is the question for many people. It is true after achieving ordinary writing and speaking many people want to write better and speak better.

 If you want to advance your English take any ordinary topic and add the power of vocabulary and beauty of sentence structure and give it life and luster. 

I have taken an ordinary topic COOKING. Here is my write up.

Is cooking Science or Art? If it is Art, how woman masters the art? Does she acquire it simply by inheritance? If it is considered science how does she evolve such a scientific acumen and brings it down to daily routine? Does it require a bit of instinct rather than insight? I personally believe that there is some sort of subliminal force in women which is missing in men. It is jinx. 

Because the choice, transformation and combination of ingredients she can get to create something more than palatable is astounding. For aught I know it is communicating feelings or moods. A meal may transform others mood. No doubt it is an art. Nevertheless it is also science when women perform the task with hygiene which is the cornerstone and quintessence of cooking. 

Unfortunately my cooking has always been an adventure. Jinx. Jinx


  1. Exactly u r saying correct sir.

  2. Super.we need to learn from above topics.to develop English.

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    1. Thank you Mr. Satish. There are many posts important for language learners and language lovers please do read.

  4. Yes it is correct.The above article is very useful for the people to develop their English and they can also realise their mistakes by reading this article.

  5. Perfect observation of daily life and good example took by you.
    Actually there is an idiom about our Andhra people are Arambhasurulu.
    We start with great excitement and interest but we end with bad experience.
    I think we receive this type of thinking from our ancestors.
    So first we have to live for ourselves not for others.
    Thanq very much for this article which was sent by you sir.

  6. Yes i agree with u sir and it is very helpful for us to develop good English and there is no chance of making mistakes if someone follow the steps mentioned in the above article.

  7. Very nice sir I agree with you sir I will try to follow the instructions given by you sir

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    It's really great write up sir 😊 thank you.