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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Trust always wins - The girl who went to Germany

A boy from Delhi came to Vijayawada to learn German. His name is Manjyoth singh. A girl came to Vijayawada to learn the same German language in vijayawada.  When people come from faraway place to Vijayawada it is a matter of my reputation as a German teacher. Naturally I feel happy about it, but when a girl stays in my house it is a matter trust. Then I am proud of myself, because trust is a great honor. 

Tea time discussion in German language

 And trust me Trust always works.

When people come to learn from others states or distant places to Vijayawada to learn a foreign language I honour them as guests. I would ask them to stay with me. The girl in the picture above is Tejaswini. She came from a small village near Eluru.  She came to Vijayawada to learn German in vijayawada in Eazy Foreign Languages. I remember all my students and guests very often as they are tug at heart. This blog will help me recollect Teja more vividly. 

 It is very hard to forget a good relation.

Several students came and stayed with us but they were boys. She is also a student but in first place she is a girl. A girl staying with the teacher's family is rare. It is a reflection of trust. A trust that her parents and she reposed in me. She is the student who stayed with us ate and lived us. I strongly believe that a relation will never die down as long as we long for it. 

 People called her Teju. I called her Carisimma ( Bangaru talli in Telugu). She is fearless and broadminded. I have seen many girls but no girl can match with her dynamism. She chatted with me like an adult, discussed with me like a student and fought with me like my daughter. 

Lunch with Tejaswani while watching German comedy 

In many ways Tea is beyond compare. She has clarity of thought and self awareness. There is hardly any difference between her speech and action. Usually people of her age live in a make-belief with hypocrisy. She has learned German successfully, gave us true happiness during her stay in my home. On the last day she was leaving Vijayawada I took her to Minerva restaurant for lunch. She flew to Europe in search of her dream. She is now studying medicine in Germany. Teju, I am not sure whether you read this blog post or not but I always remember you as a brave friendly person true to your word. 

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