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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

How festival can Change your life

"Life is celebration of being alive" world's first open heart surgeon Christiaan Barnard said these words. That means life itself is a festival. I consider everyday a festival.  I cling to  life  passionately on ordinary days as I do on festival days. At the end of the day if we get  happiness or satisfaction  we can call the day a festival. Such days in our life are a few but they are surely festivals  
Do any fair thing as long as it gives you happiness. The happiness is meaningless when you regret at a later date. And the happiness is less meaningful when it doesn't give you satisfaction. Some people roam on the roads but I did the roaming in the history. 

I stayed at home but roamed spree in the history of Egypt, Palestine, Israel and LebanonThe professional website developer could not do as I wished and left it half done. So  I upgraded my website www.polabala.com with latest news. I had to learn new techniques to make new things appear in the site.  I was happy and I am sure the happiness will last for ever. 

I could finish my folklore song to my great satisfaction. I have sung the folklore song ( janapada ) with Ek tara background music. Here I had to ensure the janapada vocabulary, and tune.  Since it is a song of my life and progress I should present all facts chronologically.  Now I have the audio of the song. Soon I will have it performed by professionals. 

I have also finished the story " Black Restaurant" and posted in my blog. I have translated best of the heart touching stories from FB and sent them to my German and Spanish students. 
In the evening  I had a ride with my wife. She took me Reliance Trendz and bought two shirts for me. The night was lovely with a leisurely chat.  I have downloaded Parivahan APP in which I have uploaded my Driving License and RC. I have no need to carry them. My Dasara is very Delightful and memorable for ever. 

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