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Friday, October 11, 2019

WM - Women in the Mirror - Story

A lady stands in front of a mirror and speaks with her consciousness. The lady is glum and morose but on the contrary her image in the mirror is bright and cheerful. The lady is surprised. "Are you my image?" "Ha..ha...ha I am your innermost sense." why are you cheerful?

"Why are you sad?"
I am sad because I am in a problem " leave it the best way to solve small problems is to ignore them" " Then it must be a big problem!" yes, it is a serious problem. "Are you serious about it?" ************************** "See if I can help you" Thanks, Please help me. "Yes, I do I am not like the other Antaraatmaas ( as in movies) that are critical." That is so kind of you.. please proceed" "Spotting the hidden problem is the first step, the second is dragging it out into the open, It's easy you can solve the problem. in stead of brooding over the problem get into action plan. I will guide you." Yes, I spotted the hidden problem but the situation is very confusing. what is the way out? "Is it a love problem?" ************************ Ha.. ha. ha... There is a troublemaker. He looks innocent. I am genuine. Everybody believes him not me. "Why so? " The society is like that. that is the main problem. "ok. Then can you go for the second step?" The second is not easy because ... the society is bad. "why don't you drag it out into the open?" I can not do it because ... "Is it illegal or immoral that you can not drag it into public?" No, it is neither. But It is too big for me. I can not handle it. "then tell your friends." they don't support. "Then tell your relatives and take their support." They don't believe what I am saying is true. "Then forget the question "what is the problem?" "Re-frame the question " who is the problem?" You mean I am the problem? " Ha. ha .. ha.." The lady threw the paper wight at the mirror. the mirror crumbled into pieces. She shut the door behind and left the room. Her images in the tiny broken pieces of the mirror were filling the silent room with questions. Leaving behind her broken conscience she locked the door behind.


  1. This is superb about the way women are now nowadays.

  2. Yeah... It's a problem with people in their 40's and below.. As they are living in the world of uncertainties....