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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

My journey in sonnets

I have a recording task at Bheemavaram. Miss.Srivalli the Padutha teyagaa fame  singer agreed to sing Bharatavarsha keerthanas at Vihnu Bheemavaram.  Since she lives in Bheemavaram I fixed the recodring deal  at Vishnu Radio. They offered me very generously without taking money. I started to Bheemavaram by Honda Splender before dawn. I was cutting  through the veils of fog.  The sonnets reveal my experience. 

 I set out to Bheemavaram on  a foggy morning

   It was still dark in the wee hours, I haven't seen crows

   The potholes on the bumpy  road  are a warning 

  Through-out, the rugged landscape a big challenge throws

   Sometimes too thick is the fearsome cloud of mist

   A one eyed truck  sights , comes on to my motorcycle

     Like a  boulder the mist rolls on the road and  hits my chest

     Many a danger in the semi-darkness is likely to kill

     The truck vanish't, schools, temples, churches cheer up mind

     Here and there I saw the  wonderful  quaint villas   

     All run fast, backwards  my childhood remind  

     My heart glows warm with quiet bougainvillas 

    The mist slowly melts and  the temple bell  rings 

    The road grows bright and the church choir sings

The weather is bleak and wind blows strong 

The birds shiver on the branches around

The herds on the choppy road I get along

The way side reeds wave their heads on the marshy ground

The fog was hanging like a white curtain

All along the road stretches  the canal

It looks like black and white movie for certain

But the villas and bougainvillas are never banal    

How hurriedly passes  the willy jeep
At Hundi it raises the dust like a broom
How merrily walks the sheep 
Oh the golden sun rays  my feelings groom
I remember that I am nearing my dream 
Yahoo I what a lovely journey I scream



  1. You are adventurous, You are ready to take any risk to reach your goal
    Where there is a good heart there is beauty. How beautifully you described a journey to a small town!!!

  2. your support is the greatest. It can bring out the best and glorify both language and the place. Finally the writer and the reader share the same heart.