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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

After 13 years

My Delhi friend Avdhoot is in now in Bombay. He visited Pithapur. He boarded Kakinada to Tirupati train with  his family which passes Vijayawada. From Tirupati they fly to Bombay.

He called me and asked if I could meet him at the Railway station? I started at 6.00 at Vanukuru and reached Railway station at 6.50. It was too early. I was saddened with the announcement that the train comes late. I reached plot form seven and had a big trouble in reaching his box. 

How I came to Vijayawada from India's Capital

1. Time chases    

In 2008 I remember I met him in Delhi

He walked silent confining to night's realm

As truth unfolds he appeared so special like lily 

A fate shunted friend who took the life's helm  

leading discussions of skepticism without restraint

nurturing  only the milk fruit diet at night

we chat until night grows old and faint  

the discourse goes on without a fight

Rarely we on the roads of Karolbag  roam 

Often our thoughts and voices blend

making time great as we walked from home

Never we had the occasion to bend or defend

O my my  the time has suddenly farted

 I to Vijayawada abruptly started. 

How I spent my time in Vijayawada

2. The Tussle 

My thirteen years the python  has swallowed 

I  wearing long and solemn face

her ( time) orders meticulously followed 

The rumbling winds of south have no grace 

Leaving the noise on the earth

I flew until I touched the  rainbow

 Tried to seize the silver moon for its worth

I had a thud fall with rainbow wings, don't know how

I fell to the ground.  It is hot afternoon. 

The moon is shining  bright in the sky

One can't  the moon for himself keep but its boon 

I dived into the pool - romancing, don't know why

Lo!  the moon is floating in the water 

I have the moonlight , the moon doesn't matter.

How I met my Friend.

3. In Delhi

Devnagar was not a place so beautiful

 Where we in tiny apartment lived

 He was always preoccupied and dutiful

 As a financial advisor he thrived

His  working  hours are so weird  

He reaches home at the dead of night 

A few seconds on the stairs he appeared 

and passed quickly out of sight

He worked hard to win IAS

Day time he is in American Library

where the world with him can not mess

What a quiet place really a sanctuary

His goal sets him on fire

so usually he after midnight to bed retire.

His words with spiritual fragrance are just like musical notes

4. The Immortal Musical note 

I  trudged in the dank fields 

miles and miles until my wounds healed

I found the diamond that time wields 

my rainbow wings are slowly pealed 

whilst the dissonance an old musical note

came from the west  touched my ears

to which thirteen years ago I my heart devote

the immortal musical note is back, cheers!!

the scathed spirits  that lie scattered 

recuperated and in the warmth of friendship 

the woeful groans that clattered 

vanished, life rejuvenates in spiritual partnership

the truth that time can't destroy  

true friendship is truly an unending joy.

We are flung apart. I to the south and He to the west by time.                                                    We never thought we would meet but we are destined to meet again. 

5. God's design 

 Suddenly my  telephone rang

 My friend Avdhoot is on the line

 My train passes your town he sang

 Thirteen years later, it's God's design

The  Station is from my house  far  

Twenty kilometres from the village

I thought I should go by car

I know I don't get the mileage

There isn't much time left 

these days the traffic is more

In such a moment bike is a gift

Car is difficult and so I abhor 

Before I decided I thought twice 

and made a choice so nice

Certain things happen slowly. Like meeting a good friend.                                                                          Certain things don't happen in my life but allure. 

6. God's Philosophy 

Slow and imperfect God 

though art the mightiest

whatever guilty and odd 

you do you are on the crest

you are beyond human logic

which is the essence of intellect

but you rule the world with magic

your ways are always correct

symbol of love thou art

our deeds you judge and punish

to redeem humans in our court

but the same love us tarnish

you just have all pleasures

oh you have two different measures

My Ride to Railway station

7. Night's air

His train is running on the track

perhaps he reaches in an hour

The thoughts in my mind crack

The traffic was really slow and sour

The  roads were eclipsed with traffic 

I saw traffic eclipses everywhere 

Oh that is the city's graphic

everyone had to stand and stare 8

Road eclipse our patience steal 

Like the jilts who kill our zeal

and punctures that stop our wheel 

but heart of steel should never feel

The traffic was free when it was seven

I moved swiftly feeling it was heaven

My wait in station for the friend.

8.  Long wait 

I dashed into station's east gate

Much before the train arrived

I surely miss him if I am late

to avoid that I so much contrived

Time is  Maker's providence to mend

 the ills of man but  for sure it's hell

when you don' know how to spend 

it, and simply resort to kill

Oh! the train is late by an hour

If I go back home without waiting 

how can I my friend honor 

I started with myself fighting

Time is not providence  but hell 

when you don't know how to kill


9. Chaos on the Platform


  1. Yes. True friendship is unending joy.2021 brought a good name and fame to you. I wish you to achieve a lot in 2022.

  2. Thank you. As a flowing river you merge in the sea and taste new joys in New year.