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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Unforgettable Decembers pics from 2015

2015 December visited Aruku and Borra Caves   

2016  December visited Matturu where I finished my French Novel.  

2017 December bought a house in Vanukuru 

2018 December visited Delhi JNU

2019 December visited Pamarru School to spend with favorite Friend

2020 December - Corona Lock down

All Decembers are great and unforgettable. 2021 December is the greatest.  

                                       2021 December

                                   Bharatavarsha keertanas being sung by Srivalli




                                        2020 December - Corona dread 

 2019 December -Visiting Pamarru

2018 December - Visiting Delhi 
Marriage in Delhi

Friend's marriage in Delhi

2017 December - Grihapravesam

House warming ceremony 

2016 December - Visiting Mattur
French novel climax was written here

2015 December - Visiting Aruku