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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Royal flames - sonnets

   1.The Vase

I saw a bright and beautiful vase

I saluted its royal look of a king's mace

It is all set to beholders please 

Its  gaudy colors can heart seize

I fixed my gaze on the table at the window

My conscience is gripped by a mute shadow

Are you like the vase cried my inner voice

To please the world is not your sole choice

If  I don't the wicked world please  

O God, It will certainly me tease

Through the window I looked at the trees

Tree the living thing that never flees

The living truth from root to fruit

not tinsel vase but living tree I salute

      2.The Cow 

Lo! Here is a white cow 

grazing in the meadow

while the sun shines above

oh the cow her heart full of love

She has no money to make

From the world She's nothing to take

jealousy can't touch her or shake

she's honest even when the earth quake 

Neither politics nor power is her need

She is far away from human greed

All she want is shelter and  the feed

she is nobler than noblest in deed

A cow is far better than a doctorate  

A cow is greater than a noble laureate

               3.The Crow

There is the crow on the almond tree

He looks at me with a crooked eye

Me a dim wit can’t his greatness agree

Until I  saw with my mind’s eye


I called him stupid while he is intelligent

I blamed him a thief while he is mischievous

While he remember human faces for years

Humans think crow bad omen, shiver with fears


Who knows crows like parrots can speak

They the humans in loyalty shake

They  a crow for a thief take

He is wiser than men for god’s sake

For they live in large families

While humans are breaking families 

             4. The Ant

In the park near my house I ambled  

Oh!  a tiny soft creature I trampled 

but never bothered though it was mangled  

because it is a tiny ant so I scampered 

who cares the tiny insignificant ants

they've neither minions of law nor grants

Ants hide behind walls, under the rocks,

beneath piles of logs, between the cracks

They underneath the objects in the soil nest

they work and work all the time but never rest

In the night you can't see them walk 

but wonder, they can see you in the dark

killing an ant is fun and you need no gun 

But ant is systematic and second to none

    5.The tiger and the man

On the fringe of  a rain forest

Where greenery swells at its best

where tranquility dwells in its chest

A man with a gun with face fiercest 

entered while the wild animals rest

unsuspectingly on the forest's breast 

The baby deer swims without restrain

in the limpid lake by the mountain

Two alligators fell after the swimming deer

 the deer moved quickly with morbid fear

the alligators weren't hungry they let her pass

with insatiable hunger the man isn't that class

The man pulled the cock and shot at the tiger

the markets need her bones for man's vigor

the tiger escaped but he did not let it pass

He threw in her way poisoned baited carcass

And poisoned the water in the shallow pool

where she drank and died, man is not a fool

     6. Wildfire

 Hill-fire  Hill-fire  Hellfire

Animals are in dread n dire

cried all animals trapped in terror

tried in vain to escape the horror

wild fire wild fire cried the ranger

shouted at firemen to stop the danger

ranger ranger what a danger

we try to save the boar and sambar

Tiger elephant  where do you go

wild fires rage, when wild winds blow

no gun no bullet with just a cigarette 

we set fire to  the  forest velvet 

your  titanic tusks go to royal castles 

Your royal bones go to china without hassles 

          7. Royal Flames

Why building  the biggest forts

bringing stones of finest sorts

Why digging into earth's deepest parts  

 building world's tallest posts

 killing nature that gives you food

 felling trees that give you  shade 

 How crazy you everything invade

 What laws have you obeyed

Look at List of kings who licked dust

why do you crave for the world's best

Behind Egyptian Pyramids lies Royalty 

Behind the Italian Colosseum lies cruelty

Dog's loyalty is better than king's royalty

Stop the wicked games stop the royal flames



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  1. Cow or Crow whatever it may be the object your target is to speak the truth