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Friday, May 13, 2022

The Colours of the Earth - Sonnets

         1.The River

The river bears the boat along

the flower hears the bee's song

The fishermen nets in water throws 

Fish or crabs only the God knows

The fish net  in the river water remains

until the apple sun from the sky resigns

When it's dark the boat reaches bank

the tired boats men the river thank

In the river..

The blue sky  flutters like curtain

the silver moon dances like Spartan

the fish come on to the surface

and dance looking into sky's face

Night 's for sleep everybody knows 

The river never sleeps it flows and flows

 2.The Air and Flowers

Air loves flowers not for their colors

Air can't see but feel their collars

Air can touch their slender stalks 

Air can kiss their tender lips

 The air on gardens is slow and gentle 

 Air and flowers are so sentimental

when air throws them a gentle glance  

 The colorful flowers bow and dance 

Air brings gifts from far away France

Flowers hug air and send it to trance 

Air brings flowers showers from sky

The flowers get wet and shrink in shy

            3.Leaf  or flower

The two sat by the pond in a lofty garden

One is a warrior and the other is a woman

Oh! Sweet lady your heart got harden

The smile on your lips, where has it gone?

Oh sweet lady! You left your smiles to the flowers?

Your silence my heart stings and senses devours

Look at the beautiful birds listen to their sweet songs

Don’t you want to dance with me oh my heart longs

Oh sweet lady look at the leaf and the flower

Both got wet in the afternoon shower

Love is a shower, feel its great power 

Why don’t we spend one more hour?

Oh great warrior look the sky gets dark

Since morning we sat in this park

The black clouds are drifting leeward

the doves and cows are homeward 

Enough we are amused cuz love has the power

It is high time we moved, you can't get leaf and flower.

          4.My death

I know

my last days are drawing near

I have neither regrets nor fear

I had  my sinews deeply grilled

I had my mind thoroughly tilled

About pain I never complained 

with it unconscious intimacy I gained

I had all my promises fulfilled

And I had already all my life lived

Death's unknown intricacy

doesn't go beyond literacy

If death comes I never decline

 In death's hands I can recline

before I breathe last

I wish to see who fondly  stands 

with all my books in his hands

      5. In Delhi

It was many years ago

when I lived in Delhi 

I met a man called Ali

whose strength I don't know

but he maintained a big pomp

though his actual profile is low

It's aggrandized by his bungalow

he walks as if walking on ramp

He uses extravagant vehicles

To show his life rich and lavish

with his manners odd and peevish

he terrifies his men and kills

He is a jobless man with all ills

He trains people on job skills


At midnight the dull thumping sound grows

As if somebody is running on the terrace

The weird sound a gristly entity shows

Every night the growing sounds scare us

A young  man said  it must be ghost  

most people said ghost is a trash

the ghost might  roast us like a toast

heard some voices quivering in a flash

Let us tonight awake and observe

people who looked bold resolved

who can that decision subserve 

when people are not involved 

Ghost doubt reigns nights still 

Ghost fear sustains light thrill

        7.Young People

A common man at  a young  age 

has neither thought nor courage 

people don't on their own think

true! they can't their feelings ink

They can't worthy books read

Nasty films their minds feed

their narrow mind is feeble

yet they think they are noble

some poets might look old

they are fearless and bold

but they are to cinema sold

Alas! Old is no more gold

They made the great literature cold

The youth has gone into foreign fold

      8.I am a Stengun

My poem is no fun, it's a word gun

when you've the reading begun

Think that the firing has begun

remember that I am a stengun 

whose target isn't man but mind

with each bullet you can clearly find 

that you with knowledge tightly bind

remember it is highly  refined

wise men willingly show their dare

knowledge can not wise men scare 

stupids bullet proof jackets wear

but my gun never at them stare

I dare wear the gun to share

the rare things readers care

     9.Love in graveyard

Under the barren boughs of sorrow

she stands in the graveyard of her mind

she grieves the death of something

she long abandoned, and remains as dumb-thing

She lived with a half surgeon

He made her half mad and half virgin

she wonders what is the ceremony about

how long should she wait, she has a doubt

She can wait, but all she hopes is shade

She waits for which she goodbye bade

She thinks that people don't invade

If she in the mind's grave stayed

Don't at the grave cry 

Love will never die

           My Heroine

When my life was pretty harried
She has bent low and me married
Time has seen us man and wife
She entered in the adversary of life

Like ordinary women she has no concern 
for I how much I earn but she is stern
ordinary woman might think it danger
But she is simply the game changer

In the early days of our marriage
Violent winds shook our carriage
I had my irrevocable appointments 
She'd incontrovertible commandments
With such a mismatch in temperament 
Marriage could only be an experiment
Still I wonder how she stood by my side  
Though I couldn’t much to her provide

we started as Simple man and wife 
after two decades we became life in life
but at first my marriage was delicate tomato
with growing love and trust it became a potato

Many people capture their marriage in photo
Not photo can like poem tell the story in toto
Love and trust like plants don't grow over night
They need time to become trees and reach height 

when I in her absence ate a chocolate
she closed the gate, I could not negotiate
I took time to learn she was vigilant 
I thought that she was somewhat different
Even slight deviation in plan made her indifferent
She hissed like a snake she is so belligerent 
I never thought she walks the troubled aisles 
But surprise! She traveled tortuous roads for miles
Miles and miles she traveled with smiles 
And never got vexed with my job trials
Several times I have the boats changed
And shuttled between ports, we were estranged

Most violent weather could not us deranged
Is it God, who has this marriage arranged?
Her name (varalu) spells boons, she stands apt 
to her name given by mother as an epithet

Gradually she rewarded the greatest boon 
She swam the sea during typhoons
Later we celebrated several honeymoons
As a writer I created many a heroine
God has created my life's perfect heroine

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