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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Lava - Kusa - American Accent Play-let

This is an American Accent Play-let written by Poolabala for School Children.

LUV and Kus are the twin warriors. They are the twins born to Sita, children of Lord Srirama This is a western accented Drama with four scenes. This is meant for school children to perform during cultural activities. . You may select all the four scenes the drama lasts for 20 minutes. You may selects  last two scenes if you have only 10 minutes. In such case the gist of first two scenes may be read out.  First let us see the brief story of the twin warriors.
Brief story 

After performing the recital of Valmiki Ramayan Lav and Kus get to learn that Sita was left in the forest by Ram, so the twins come back from Ayodhya and develop rage over lord Ram. Lord Ram performs Aswamedha , the Ashwa (Horse) comes into the hermitage of Valmiki, thus the twins happen to read the declaration of  Ram  scripted on the golden plate which was hanging on the forehead of the Ashwa. They consider that it would be a good opportunity to question Ram about the injustice to Sita and to argue with him about Dharma. So they decide to tie the horse and invite  Ram for a Battle. They successfully defeat all the army of Ram and also tie the two brothers of Lord Ram i.e. Satrugna & Lakshmana. Thus Lord Ram has no options and hence he himself had to enter the Battle field to fight against Lava - Kusa the twin Warriors. When King Rama enters the battle field himself, Sita and Valmiki get there and avoid the fight by telling the truth to Rama that these two twins Lava & Kusa are his own sons. Ram affectionately embraces them and request Sita  to come to Ayodhya but she refuses and recedes to her mother Bhoomatha (the Earth Goddess) and sinks into earth.  Ram announces Lava Kusa the twin warriors as crown princes of Ayodhya Kingdom.

                                                      Return of Luva kusa from Ayodhya.

Luv and Kus perfected the art of reciting the story of Ram (The Ramayan) written by Valmiki. They keep chanting the story. They go to Ayodhya to chant the Ramayan. Sita who was awaiting her kids watches them coming from Ayodhya after their performance. Luv and Kus enter the hermitage. The conversation begins.
Sita: Luv you look so sad and so stressed out, anything serious? Anything matters?
Luv: ------------------------------
Sita : Tell me kus what is bothering you? You look so haggard and so woe betide.
Kus: Mom we have made a big mistake.
Sita: a big mistake? What do you mean? What are you talking about?
Luv: Mom, you really wanna know what is bothering us? Listen, we have been singing the story of Ram glorifying his image believing that he is an ideal king, gem of a man and personification of all virtues.
Sita: Yes in deed.
Kus: No, he is not.
Sita yes he is. He is an ideal king, living legend, gem of a man and personification of all virtues.
Luv: We believed all the stuff so naively and spent all our time singing his story. What a waste of time! Singing praises of a stone hearted king, a loveless man who drove his unsuspecting queen, pregnant wife into forest.
Kus: We are sorry. We are really sorry for what we have done so far. We are not going to continue the big mistake.
Luv: we don’t sing the story of ram any more. Undeserving king!
Sita: Stop that nonsense and shut your mouth at once. You know who you are talking about. You are talking about Ram the great, the Apex of solar dynasty, the epitome of truthfulness. Even gods long to see my righteous lord. You are too puny to stand before Ram. You chaotic kids, You hurt my feelings,  I am not your mother and you are not my kids.
Luv: Mom we can’t bear t see your rage. We are extremely sorry. We failed to understand the deep fervor you have for ram.  We are sorry. We don’t repeat this mistake. We promise.
Sita: no its not really a mistake. It is a blunder. it is arrogance it is inexcusable. I just can’t take it. Your attitude is too foul. It is stinking and you are offender.
Luv: Yes we are offenders but we are repenters too. We regret our wrong doing.
Kus:  Mom we are really sorry. At best we can apologize it is just water over bridge. So forget and forgive your stupid kids. After all you are the compassionate mother.

                                                                    Scene -2
                                  Sita doubts Ram and later realizes her mistake

Valmiki: It seems you want to tell me something
Sita : No I have something to ask you
V: Go a head. Don’t hesitate
S: Did you hear anybody doing a Yagna without a spouse?
V: Doing  Yagna without a spouse? Impractical !!!
Anyway, why do you have such a question in your mind?
S: It is'nt difficult for you to guess. It is preparation for Aswamedha. Haven’t you heard of it?
V: Yes. He is on the mission of glorifying his power, expand his kingdom and prove his sovereignty over neighboring kings. You don’t have to doubt Ram, your impeccable Ram who is a staunch follower of single wife policy.
 Sita:  I don’t think that  I can take it lightly. I am so nervous.
 V: I understand your psyche. Laughs….Seeing is believing
Sita: you mean….
Valmiki: I am sending your soul to the royal palace.

(Sita faints in the chair. Suitable background music... Light must be dimmed.)

After a while light will be bright Sita gets off from the chair. Oh great sage! I have seen with my eyes. Your words are true. I am so crestfallen to have doubted my lord.
Valmiki: don’t worry. Tell me what did you see there in the palace?
Sita: Ram has a golden Sita made for her.
Valmiki: Are you happy?
Sita: I am guilty. Because doubting Ram is certainly a great sin. And I have to pay back for the sin. Please advise me to how to atone the sin.
Valmiki: It is quite natural, Sita. Even if I were in your position I would do the same.
Sita: don’t you try to stop me. Get me out of this sin please.
Valmiki: Well, well, well. I suggest that you worship goddess Lalitha. But be careful. The pooja should not break in the middle at any cost.
Sita: I am glad at receiving your advice.

                                                        Luv takes the horse at ashram

Student1: I wonder how you maintained your composure when your mom was very angry
Student2: I was really frightened.
Luv: she was not angry she was upset because she couldn’t bear to hear anything against Ram. So I just compromised.
Student 3: compromise? Why?
Luv: I don’t like Ram but basically I don’t want to strain my relationship with my mom. So I had to feign respect for ram.
Student 4: Lo what a splendid creature.
Student 1: hey, look up. It is a horse.
Student 2: look up there is a golden plate on its forehead.
Luv: let me look at it. It is a declaration by Ram.
Students: declaration?
Student 3: No one should stop the horse unless willing to fight with Ram.
Student4: Anyone who takes the horse must be prepared to fight with Ram.
Luv: Fantastic. I won’t miss this wonderful opportunity to confront Ram.
Students: confrontation with Ram?
Luv: yes but don’t tell my mom about it.

Soldiers: boys what are you doing with the horse. It is not a play thing leave it.
Boys: we are not going to leave the horse. Do what you can.
Soldiers: perhaps, you don’t know the consequences of detaining this horse.
This horse belongs to Ram. I warn you for the last time.
Luv: you lily livered cattle. Enough of warnings and verbal conflicts.
Here is my response to your warning. ( Luv disperses them with arrows soldiers run away)
Satrugn: Who tied this horse? 
Luv: me
Satrugn :Come on don’t be childish! This is Yagna horse.
Luv: we know it. Have you forgotten that a warrior can stop it?
Satrugn: look you don’t seem to understand. No one should stop the horse unless willing to fight with Ram. 
Luv : Anyone who takes the horse must be prepared to fight with Ram. And I am ready.
Satrugn: Look, you are a boy that’s why I have a soft corner for you. I don’t spare you any more if you talk like this.
Luv: Go a head then. What are you waiting for? I don’t need your mercy
Boy tells Sita: After a terrible fight Luv becomes unconscious. Satrugn carries him off.
Kus: Mom I will get my brother back. I am leaving now. Please carry on unperturbed.

Kus enters the scene and stops Satrugn:

Kus: hey Satrugn I the brother of Luv  am here to take him back. Stop me if you can.
Satrugn: you didn’t learn anything with your brother’s mistake. Fool, why are you making the same mistake? I don’t guarantee your security. Don’t jeopardize your safety.
Kus: hey you first you look for your safety.
Satrugn: Are you challenging me?

The war ensues between Satrugn and kus. Kus wins and releases his brother.

                                                    Verbal conflict with Lakshman.

Lakshman : Oh my lovely lilies, sweet cherries. Are you the boys who hurt Satrugn? 
I can’t believe it. Who are you?
Twins: We are the disciples of Valmiki.
Lak: How come the disciples of Valmiki get into a fight? Unbelievable!!!
I don’t actually believe that Brahmin boys could ever wage a war like this?
Tell me who you are. Tell me?
Luv: We are tired of your questions. We are sick arguments.
We dare you to fight with us and take the horse if you can.
Kus: If you are brave enough come on. Don’t waste words.
Lak: Don’t get excited about your victory. Victory is transitory.
This horse belongs to the greatest of warriors, the bravest of kings Ram.
Twins: For god’s sake stop your superlatives. And stop your blind worship of Ram.
Lak: Are you challenging matchless power and bravery of Ram who killed Tataki and saved the sage’s yagna?
LUV: I don’t know whether killing a woman is bravery?
Lak: Are you strong enough to protest Ram who broke "Shiv Dhanas" the world’s heaviest bow?
KUS : Oh God!  it is a bow half eaten by mots. Here is a man to laud such a king.
Lak: Ram stands for the ultimate warrior of the world killing Vali. Nothing can stand before the power of vali.
LUV: True tha’s why your Ram stood behind a tree. Aren’t you ashamed of killing from hiding? How immodest of you Laxman!!!
Lak: Are you making a fine point on the kind hearted saviour who seated Vibhishan on throne by killing the mighty Raven?
KUS: Kind hearted? Do me a favour Laxman.  Don’t use words without knowing the meanings. Is driving pregnant wife into forest kindness? Is this how you define saviour?

Read: The verbal conflict turns into an armageddon war. Lakshman loses the war Ram's entering the war becomes inevitable. Meantime Hanuma was enticed and decoyed by the boys using the chanting of Ram.  Ram entered the war scene but hardly had the war began when sita revealed the truth that the twins are Ram's own children. Ram embraces his children. 
    Song plays in western accent.
Ramachandraya janka rajajamanoharaya mamakabheestadaaya mahita mangalam.


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