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Monday, December 30, 2019

Moribund - English Poem - Poolabala

She came from the family of bourgeoisie
In the middle age she reached her apogee
She hugs her weekends in pubs and clubs 
She is a metro sexual drunk on success

So often she kisses herself with mobile
Narcissism and hedonism are her style
She drank education more like a potion
For a posh life she took it like poison.

She is nestled in western culture
She loves exposure in haute couture
For her marriage is simply a rupture
She thought consort is a spoil sport.

Her big bazookas are firm and rotund
She is jocund but her mind is moribund
She has a fat ass she wants any jack ass
A dumb ass who slogs gets more bucks

The bimbo long kept her marriage in limbo
She finally chose a senior in her bureau
She’s pragmatic, never minded age hiatus
What matters to her is the financial status

Two years they had beers with cheers
They had honeymoon every Sunday noon
But when his work is double he fell in trouble

His libido sank he admitted it, he was frank
She demanded it, she said marriage is no prank
For him the game seems like a hobgoblin
but she demands it, she was a knob goblin

He said he was neither nineteen nor a machine
He couldn’t long defend soon came the end
The wedlock came to a deadlock. who cares?!


  1. Different people, different attitudes. Not all women are good, not all men are bad. In order to mention men and women it is better to say that bona fide people are suffering. Somebody's pain could be shown, somebody's can't

  2. Excellent sir. This is the real scenario on present married people. U have very vast vocabulary.

    1. Mr. Bharat, the motif of the poem is the real life story you have narrated to me. Thank you. Happy New Year.

  3. I love it sir, what you have written, every blog. It has an endless meanings and I have didn't seen ever before. It is the present situation of people. You are explaining in very deep with a good vocabulary