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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Verses of Vexed Hexes

Facial Symmetry 

Her face is as bright as day light 
Her heart is as dark as winter night
Her face is pretty she is so gritty
God! She is nitty, her acts are so dirty
Still her beautiful smile you admire
Because it sets your desire on fire
How benign is her broad face
You align with her upturned nose
Her large brown eyes are so nice
But stay away if you want peace
How lovely is her facial symmetry 
If you fall in love you go to cemetery 
 Kick me out of your heart

Kick me out of your unwilling heart
I may from the apex of love fall apart
Let the stones of truth into me pierce
Let my pain n agony touch your ears
I trust that you might live alone in joy
After the dainty bonds of love destroy
My blood should speak the truth
I wish it should your heart sooth
For your peace the God I pray
The flood should the love wash away
Let my soul mingle in the light
Let my face be out of your sight.

The Virus Curse (May 2020)


  1. Replies
    1. yes madam , I agree with you fully. this is a weird poem. jilting, pain and sorrow are common in life. some women have their role behind frustration. you are kind but all people are not like you. This post is going to bring a few more poems. please read and respond.