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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Up! Up! Cheer up my friend!

Peel off the sad thoughts

up! up! cheer up my friend
Yesterday was not the end
you just learn to transcend
you are my beautiful friend

up! up! cheer up my friend
come out of the sad feeling
why are you to them kneeling
They'are your charm stealing
It comes with simple peeling

Sad thoughts are like dark spots
Right now remove the nasty dots
For sure you need a great healing
Better feeling, comes with peeling

why do you look so glum?
what is the strange scum!
come on! you are n't a nerd
Oh! your heart is a sweet bird
up! up! cheer up my friend

Listen to the throstle yonder
Her melody is a great wonder
It isn't really worth to squander
Your life for someone's blunder

Oh honey bee don't lose the key
Embrace nectar with glee!


  1. Wow! Simply superb. Very motivational. I cheered by reading this

  2. Thank you. you always give me hope for future writing

  3. Your rhyming in writing is exceptional. Truly motivational writing. I learned many new words meanings from your writing.You always motivates me. Thank you sir

  4. గురూజీ మీరు రైమింగ్ చాల బాగా వ్రాసినారు అలానే జీవితం లో అన్ని ఫీలింగ్స్ మరియు మన జీవితం ఏంటో కూడా చాల బాగా చెప్పినారు

  5. Thank you sahitya priya, you are always motivation to me.

  6. Really a cool one with bliss.

  7. Rhyming is wonderful. Hip Hop Rap genre is waiting for you sir:)

  8. Excellent sir.Really I have not read these type of writings in these days.Really super Sir(Rakesh)

  9. Nice formation of words sir. Rhyming is very good..