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Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Bridge - English Poem - Poolabala

The bridge is where I always hang
It’s where the sweet love bells rang
It is where the wet primroses sang
And I forget the hunger pang 

It is where the winds whisper
The azure sky seems crisper
It is where two hearts unwind
It is where the love is enshrined

The bridge is where I always hang
It’s where art from my heart sprang
It’s where bodies thong, hearts twang
Later in memories they boomerang

Lo! Beyond the bridge lies a world
Where sweet dreams get unfurled
It’s where you scream and I scream
Together we eat yummy Ice cream
That always makes the love extreme

The bridge is where the lovers kindle
Their hopes to save them from dwindle
It’s where two souls meet their sweet goals