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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Queen of Guns

She is the queen of guns, she is full of guts
She plays with any gun and it's a simple fun
Her push makes the game go great guns
She wants more and more bun the buns
She's anonymous, autonomous lady killer
She always dons low cut denim jeans
that show her splendid round moons.
their charm evokes love monsoons.
Oh! oh! oh! the man in you swoons 

Their liquid motion evoke goddamn passion
Her knee high boots augment her booty
O My God! she is untamable beauty  
She is the home made gun she's the shank
Oh! Thunder chunks -Oh! bun the buns

She is the lady killer her name is revolver
she's a resolver, romantic thriller gives a chiller,
she is so chic , she is so quick.  
she has the drive she wants to drive 
she plays with daggers but loves the guns

she is ultimate in wielding  the revolver
she likes cocking the hammer , squeezing the trigger
she never misses the aim she is meant for the game
she looks chic  she is quick she loves the pique

She is the queen of guns, she is full of guts
She hates shotguns who twiddle their thumbs
she has stunning looks, and bouncing globes
She is lady killer, she gives you chiller

She has the sacred hunger
She is an acrid hunter.
she plays the game of love
with the passion of a gambler
She is insatiable lover
ever ready for a new encounter 
she has ceaseless vigilance
she's hostile with virulence
Her passion has a tinge of 
pungence and belligerence

Missiles in her smiles, cannons her eyes,
she does the staking  before love making 
She is the queen of guns she is a queen of hearts.

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