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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Love on train - English Poem - Poolabala

My world is just plain until I met her on the train
I saw her wicked curves they burned my nerves
Her body looked like sugarcane I couldn’t sustain
The sweet pain worked on my brain like cocaine

She boarded the train at Bhopal
I guessed she was going to Nepal
The train reached the station at seven
She got in like manna from heaven

In Jhansi I coolly climbed up the upper berth
And gazed down to find hot hell on earth
The train at soft pace runs towards north
From the blouse her bulged bosom bursts forth

The train reached Agra I felt I swallowed Viagra
Her sexuality augments unknown acrophobia
Her perfect personality garnishes her sexuality
But I am afraid it tarnishes my personality.

Just after an hour the train stopped at Mathura,
I saw her black mascara in the flames of aurora
I cannot anything think or my eyes ever blink
For sure into the whirlpool of her beauty I sink

 Her oblique looks like bullets never misfired
Many a time they have my heart pierced
In her jade eyes there is something weird
I wonder how her feminine energy steered
 My masculine energy to ecstasy

Green, red colors swirl in the sky like rainbow
 The rare spectacle brought us to the window
She spoke soft, tête-à-tête using love lingo
She looked like a siren, my burning desires run

The sluggish train, on the bridge stopped again
 We saw Yamuna river and forgot all the strain
We threw coins sitting side by side on footboard
We are absorbed in the fun but never got bored

Finally we reached Delhi she looked odd and smelly
She ran towards her hubby who stood with a baby
The train journey was a beauty pageant of past
She forgot and showed the talent to be nonchalant

She is nett but I bet she is a coquette
Her sexuality covers up her venality
Oh! My wife in wait too what a tragedy! 
what a banality!! what an ultimate fatality!!!!


  1. Wow what a love & funny story it is really i wonderd about rhyme used in the story.. like a telugu poet... Phanindra

  2. Dear blogger, I addicted to your blog. Nice poem

    1. dear reader, I am addicted to your comments. Thanks for being here at least some time.


  3. What a beautiful poem. I can picture it in my mind. Super sir

  4. Your works are amazing, showing you how amazing style works.I am becoming a fan of your writings.

  5. I really enjoyed this story,superb sir

  6. This poem is with beautiful letters. It is very nice to hear these words. But some words I didn't understand, I have really imagined in front of my eyes..😍. Really a beautiful poem sir..

  7. what a rhyming sir...!! I really enjoyed, i felt that train journey. final touch is very funny but your poetry so lovely