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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Stolen Horse Trilogy (Thrill and Memory ) Part 3

Sable Island, thou art crescent in the Atlantic,
What if your epithet is graveyard of Atlantic
Thou hast fresh water ponds, rare plants
perchance thou art the purest  on the earth

 Oh sable Island thou art a land of wild horses
A floating synagogue art thou make me agog
Ah! Nature steals glances and benumbs senses
Caresses birds of rare species, fences the lenses

Lo! How lovely when the sun shines on low pines
I can forget the whole world but not the old times
Oh! Rolland, write a lyric on my horse in Scotland
Oh! Orpheus' your music can coax rocks

My heart is nestled in the Roxburgh castle
The horse ride turned into an eternal grapple
with memories vicious I am another Sisyphus
Oh maestros together this fuss you tackle

Oh so swift my memories drift ….
In Greece a few miles off the centre of Athens.
In Yabanaki beach the yik yak women in stains
Cozy up with men, their charm is deadly fire
Triggered by their hypnotic beauty, love transpire
We find men and women coiling, the beech boiling

Oh so swift my memories drift to Roxburg castle
Roxburg! replays on my mind  over and over
Like a conjurer it makes my spirits hover and hover
stunner is the mare  like seductress in my head meander

The sun’s smiling on the yarrows blooming
Vibrant with wild horses and vagrant birds.
Tuk  tuk how charming is the drumming of Frigat
Trilling  calls to his mate in a spate
blowing his scarlet throat.

What a bewitching beauty! Sable Island
what an escape into exotic lush landscape
In serenity of the island my hearts murmurs!
What a transfixing beauty! the black horse
Quel instant épatant avec le cœur palpitant

The act of adventure is gone bye
But the beautiful memories still fly
Like butterflies in my mind’s eye

After the man dies his spirit lives on
After the ride the memories hang on
What an unprecedented marathon
Those moments in my head persist
And me to distant islands transport

The horse once I rode is in Roxburgh fort                     
but the memories me ride now and exhort                     
They rock my body and knock at my mind                       
The pleasure of gallant ride lives in breath                                   
The pride of ride doesn't fade until my death. 


  1. Excellent sir. I read three parts of your poem. Finally adventure of a Knight remained as a sweet memory

  2. neatly placed words describing the nature. It's like experiencing what is being told.