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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Neues Leben-10

 Mayur Art Studio: Mayur looked at the canvass after giving a few final touches and exclaimed “What a fantastic figure!” He heard the sound of footsteps and turned his head. What a fantastic figure! Said the tall man who has entered the art studio.

Mayur: Hello Goyal how are you? Any news?”

Goyal: Yes, Good news. I got a job.

Mayur: Shit dirty Goyal, that hardly  news for me.” He frowned at Goyal.

 Figures ki bare mein baat karo yaar! ( talk about figures please)

 Mayur prolonged his expression with a musical tone.

 Goyal : Mayur aaj kal tu gaana bhee suru kardiya yaar.

Mayur: Arey mein kab se gaanaa suru kiya! ab tujhe pata chala?! Tu buddu ho yaar buddu!        He showed an expression of mock anger on his face.

 “Ladakee ladakee ladakee  ay hai na tere gaanaa. said Goyal with the dramatic expression of  a comedian and looked at the wall filled with the portraits of Kyra. “Oh! I have seen you preparing the sketches of this girl ( Kyra). Now you have made her portraits and paintings of this girl in several poses. Who is this girl?

Mayur: Her name is Kyra. She is IBM employee. She is a Bengali girl. I have enjoyed with this girl six times. Mast majaa kiya mein ney is Bengali ladaki ke saath. The funniest part is the happy go lucky type girl became serious with me. She started wearing sarees showing Indian tradition to impress me. Ha ha hahaha!

She is very beautiful, more over she’s well placed. This kind of opportunity you will not get in your life. You open this studio once in a while I don’t know how much you earn. Sadee kar ke us ladakee ke saat settle ho jaav yaar! (Marry that girl and settle in your life.)

  Arey buddu people like you think of how much you earned. I am not that type I think how much I enjoyed.  Tum ko kisee baat kaa fikar nahee hein?( you don’t bother about anything?) I too enjoy if the girl is free type and wants fun but I don’t play like you. Tu itana bade play boy kab nikale! ( when did you become a big play boy!)

Mein pahale se hee isaa thaa! (From the beginning I am like that!) again Mayur prolonged his expression with a musical tone.  Goyal and Mayur laughed and laughed. While laughing a new sketch has drawn Goyal’s attention. Suddenly Goyal stopped laughing and said” Hey! Is it a new sketch?” Mayur It is a new sketch of a beautiful girl but guess who she is”

“How can I guess? ” said Goyal “The sketch  shows the beautiful curves and sizes of the woman. You have seen last week in Noida, based on that can you guess?” Mayur encouraged and challenged Goyal

 Goyal stood helpless. Mayur took the brush, dipped in color and started giving strokes 

In two minutes he gave life to the sketch. Now marvelous figure looking like an angel appears on the canvas.  What an angel! Goyal stood aghast and agape. She is Manalini said mayur.

There was the sound of anklets from the next room. Goyal was shocked. He said “ Mayur do you live here?  NO yaar ,that room is a bed room.  Sometimes I use this bedroom.

A septuagenarian got in like a whirl wind. From the cut of his gibs it is evident that he is the land lord. He looked like an unwanted cyclone to Mayur. His face is discolored. His proud facial feelings vanished. “Namaskar patelji, aayeeye aayeeye” said Mayu. But patle did not seem to bother about greetings He started like a tufan “ Dekho bhai Mayur, You are a great artist, I have respect for your art but your etiquette ( following the customs and norms of the society) is poor. You are nothing less than a thief. I don’t like girls coming to this place and you playing raasleela with them in my house.  He raised his voice.

No sir you are mistaken. I am an artist and my customers come here on their business. I draw their pictures. Can’t a woman come here?

 Ab ye naatak band kar. last week you brought a girl and I noticed what was happening.

Mayur: Patel saab app maalik ho , mein maantaa hum, magar ey koi maryaadaa hai

Mr. Patel you are the owner I agree, but is it the respectable way to watch from keyholes?

 No need of watching from keyhole Mr. Mayur. I am living upstairs I can feel it. I have heard so much about you from your previous house owner. I know why he got you vacated.

Dubara aisa nahee hogaa. It will not happen again.  Pleaded Mayur

Don’t put words in my mouth Mr. Mayur. And don’t try to fool me. I am seventy years not 25 or thirty years girl. Even now there is a girl here. Today I can call police but I don’t want her tears. Please vacate my house and search for a landlord for whom money is everything.

Patel has left but very calmly. Mayur decided that Mr. Patel has gone upstairs. Then he said,” sala ay patel log na bahut kameen log hai yaar. They are disgusting. very very disgusting.


You have bought a car, why don’t you buy an flat ?

Tu itana bewakoof ho yaar!  Gaadee das laak mein aajaathaa hein. Flat ke liye ek karod bhee kam hein. (  How stupid you are !  10 lakhs can buy a car. One crore is also less for a flat.)

Mayur looked at the street and saw a lady coming to his studio.  Immediately removed the pictures of Kyra and Manalini.  “Sometimes we are very fortunate. He said to Goyal and invited May into his studio.


Lavanya apartments Noida: May is not asleep or she has not gone out either.  When Mapuii came home from work she was waiting for her. “ You are sitting idle in the sofa?” exclaimed Mapuii. “ I am not idle. I am working.” Replied May.  “What! working!!” exclaimed Mapuii.

Yes, I am waiting. Waiting is also a job. it is a very painful job.

I think your Om will be waiting for you.  “He is my Boss not my lover. “

Then why don’t you have a lover. Hook up to somebody!” Mapuii said jokingly

there is no need because… May stopped there “ uh because… tell me  Mapuii pressed her.

because somebody is trying to hook up. When May finished these words Mapuii was frozen. The humour is frozen “Is it true? Who is it?” asked Mapuii. “First take tea, then I will tell you.” said May and went into the kitchen to prepare some tea for Mapuii.  Mapuii followed her.

May is to Mapuii what Manu is to Kyra. May’s daily routine has changed. Her shift is 6.30 to 2.30. After returning from work at 3.00 in the afternoon, she used to sleep upto 8.00 in the night. Then she goes out and eats in a hotel. When she comes home at mid night Mapuii would be fast asleep. She wakes up early and leaves for work at 6.00 am Mapuii will be still asleep. But now she is not going out she cooks and spends time with Mapuii. Fun is limited to Sundays.

May prepared tea and poured into two cups. They were sitting on the sofa and sipping tea. After the first sip Mapuii “You have changed a lot May.” No , I am changing,  even Kyra is changing. It is Manu who caused the change. We are enjoying on Sundays but since long Manu is spending her Sundays on social work.

 It is true Said Mapuii who finished tea and put the cup on the table. She then said “Now tell me who is that somebody trying for you? Is he worth?  “ That somebody is Mayur. I don’t know if he is worth you should tell me.” Said May. May told Ma that she met Mayur at Mayur Art Studio in Greater Noida.

He is such a handsome man and great artist. He was ogling( look with desire) at me.

Ye majaak math kar. This is Manu’s life. Sach sach bataav varnaa jaanse maar doongee.

Yes, It is true I met Mayur. I will take you to his studio. He is a gentleman.

If he is a gentleman tell me why would he ogle at you?

He is a man he has right to ogle at girls. Bye the bye  I am no less beautiful than Manu and Kyra.  Exactly at the same time Devaki entered with snaks in her hand. She sat between them in the sofa and said “what is going on ?” Mapuii said “ beauty contest chal rahaa hai, tum bhee participate karonaa? Devaki said “ hai hai, is umr mein, ladakeeyon ke saat beauty contest?  mujhe sarm aa rahee hai.”

Mapuii and May laughed whole heartedly. “Please book a taxi for me on Sunday.  I want to take a great lady to a temple and drop at her home. She dropped me at my home by taxi” Said Devaki. 

Mapuii asked Devaki “Who is that great lady?”  To which Devaki replied Manalini. When Devaki went away. Look May we don’t want Mayur or his studio. We must know whether Mayur and Mayank are same.  You have told me that you have seen a building named Mayank not Mayur. Said Mapuii. “Oh! You are too stupid. If one of the two Mayur , the other one must be Mayank.

O my God! Try to understand my point. If Mayur is acting like Mayank?

You mean that one man is trapping two girls with two names? Impossible!

Two ration cards, two bank accounts and two passposts are possible in our country.

May has no words. She went out of senses and remained like a statue in the sofa.

After a while she recovered her senses and said “ that is the job of police to check that.”

But it is too early to go to police. The best thing is to alert Kyra or Manu.

That is worse than informing police. Kyra feels that she is intelligent. She won’t trust these things more over she thinks that we are jealous of her. We will lose our friendship. Manu breaks down or will be scared or she will be depressed.

True our duty is to save Kyra and help manu. I only pray to God to protect innocent Manu from evil eyes.


  1. O my god.Now I have a blast on my head.Poor Kyra.What about manalini?
    The story took a new turn now

  2. It takes more turns. Hope you're enjoying. Interesting?