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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Neues Leben -9

 Ola cab is running smooth on the Noida express highway. It being Sunday there is not much traffic on the road. Manalini has reclined in the back seat and closed her eyes. “Hey Baba how I wished I would see him again.” Suddenly the car stopped. The driver tried to start the car. It was not starting. He got down and was trying to troubleshoot. Manalini opened her eyes and could not believe what she has seen. Dr. Mayank… her lips uttered. 

The charming man with an appealing smile was standing on the footpath. He did not notice her. Mam, there is a mechanical problem in the engine, sorry mam I will arrange another cab. The driver was telling something but Manu’s ears stopped listening. Her eyes are fixed on Mayank her heart is jumping of skin. “Thanks” she said. When got down from the car and felt it was drizzling. She walked towards the footpath.

Hello miss, pleasure to see you. He said. Namaste doctor saab. How are you? She said. You are here at this time?  he asked. Yes I had Darshan of Baba. She replied. Her heart beat increased as she went close to him.  “Thanks to Baba I have your Darshan.” He said. Bye the bye how is your dental pain? “Theek kar diya aap ne. Ab koi nahein

But you have not give me the fees.

How much should I give you?

A cup of coffee!

That’s so simple. The restaurant is here.

They walked into the Kamboj restaurant. It was so neat and tidy. There were a few couples here and there. Most tables are free. There is an artificial tree trunk decorated with electrical serial bulbs. The walls have wooden panels fixed. The interior design is marvelous. They went up to a corner and sat at a table. The server came. Manu said “ why don’t we have lunch together? It is lunch time” “ but I think.. next time .. now it is raining.” Don’t feel shy saying so she ordered butter non with palak panneer for her and asked him to order what he wants. He said “ I eat whatever you order. I have no specifications” She placed the same order. The server has gone.


Mayank: I am happy that you have no pain. Manu “Of course, I have no pain in the right grinder but I do feel the pain in my left grinder. “ Mayank “ then give me your left hand he took her left hand. As soon as she handed her butter like hand to him she felt heavenly pleasure. Like gopika can’t control the fife of the peacock feather crowned Lord Manu can not control herself.  Mayank irresistible to her. She has out of the world experience and has not noticed May lunching with Om but May has.  She was bewildered to see Manalani with a man. It was unbelievable but after all Manu is a woman in her prime. She is not without heart. She is a human feelings too. She is not loose.

The order was served. Both ate together. Many believe that eating or drinking together increases love. Whether she loves him or not she has unruly attraction to him.  The shy girl has decided to talk to him after lunch. They ate slowly enjoying each other’s company more than the food. Manu served water from jug to Mayank. And Mayank served water to Manu. Mayank fixed his gaze on Manalini and the water from the jug filled the glass and overflowed. Manu laughed and Mayank felt sorry.  They finished the lunch and rose from the seats. By then May had left the restaurant with Om. At the same time   Anasuya came in with Ankita. “They both are IBM employees my colleagues” Manalini whispered in Mayank’s ears. Thanks Manu for the lunch -Thanks Maya for your treatment.  They exchanged the words that came suddenly. Mayank exited quickly while Manu was greeted by the incoming colleagues.  


Spize kitchen Bar Noida : Mapuii and May are drinking together sitting opposite to each other. It was dull weather and cold due to rain in the morning. May said," We used to sit in Scarlet Bar but when Kyra is not joining us what is the point in going to Greater Noida." mapuii remained silent May shook her by shoulders. Ma came into this world she looked tense. May said you seem to be out of this world.  Ma, anything that matters? Mapuii " Are you sure you have seen Mayur in the restaurant with Manu? I am not sure whether I have seen Mayur or Mayank I have seen the same person Ky has showed us in the photo graph. I have a terrible doubt whther he is mayur or Mayank. said Mapuii. " You have seen Mayur and Mayank personally , tell me can you say that they are same? " said May. Mapuii took a big gulp of whisky AAAh... I can't say that now but I can say  either Manalini or Kyra is at risk." "Love is always risk. Marriage is also risk ." responded May. 

Mapuii fixed another round of whisky . They were drinking slowly.  May said " for a few weeks Kyra does not need or heed drink. however Mayur is offering her good massage.  Yes she is drunk of youth and love. but I doubt that Mayur and Mayank are one. said Mpuii.  I remember having seen the name Myank  building somewhere. said May. Is it a hospital or a clinic? asked Mapuii. I will tell you soon. Have you seen in Greater noida ? pressed Mapuii. I will tell you tomorrow. said May.   

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  1. Manalini and Mayank ate my favourite butter non.But I like butter non with methi chaman. Mayank! Mayur! How would be the future of Kyra and Manalini?