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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Neues Leben 12

We missed your company for weeks Kyra. Said Mapuii . "Yes yes, we missed our Scarlet bar too." Said May.  Kyra, Mapuii and May lifted the wine glasses up and tipped them against each other.  It was a pleasant evening.  Kyra looked around. The bar had a few customers. All are girls.  An excited Kyra said "India is among the highest consumers of Alcohol in the world. Thanks to its women drinking. I saw majority of my female relatives guzzling down vodka, whisky, wine and champagne along with their partners or even in their own group. In front of their in-laws and older relatives!"

The three said at once “Cheers!!! 

They are sipping Magicmoments (drink)slowly 

Mapuii: Magic movements tastes just like a soft drink.   
May: But it gives wonderful feeling. Thanks to Kyra for introducing such a drink.

Kyra: Yes, I always prefer to mix it with sprite. It is good quality Vodka you see

Mapuii: Yes, I wish I would not touch whisky which does more harm.

Kyra : ha ha ha if you take two pegs  once in a week even whisky will not harm.

May : Only problem is when you take often

Mapuii : I heard that taking wine limited everyday will not harm

Kyra: According to Lancet medical journal, one glass or 150 ml wine daily for women ,two glasses or 300 ml for men is safe.

May : Shit here also there is gender discrepancy.

Mapuii : that is not discrepancy it is gender discrimination

Kyra : it must be termed disparity. Discrepancy says that two things which are supposed to be equal are not equal. Disparity says that the difference is unfair. Perhaps it's God’s discrimination (unjust treatment ) Mapuii: Kyra you are a great philosopher  

May: But alas! It doesn’t work with Manu. Don’t you have Manu at home? You are drinking with us. May simply joked. Kyra took it sportively and said “What if she is at home?”


Mapuii : Ha hha hha ha I know she is not at home. She has Ethnic day celebration in the company. She comes home late.  She told me on phone.  “Ha hha hhaa hhaa” Kyra too laughed. May too laughed with them in the same tone and said “why are you scared of her?”

“I am not scared of Manu. It is the relation between us and the value I give to the relation. There is a big story behind our relation.” Said Kyra.

Please tell me that story! Please, Mapuii asked enthusiastically.

Everything has a time. When the time comes I will tell you myself. said Kyra

May: What is Ethnic day celebration? 

Kyra: It is common in many big organizations particularly global software companies. All employees -men and women- wear their traditional clothes and have fun programs

May: you are working in the same company. You don’t participate in those celebrations?

Kyra:  Of course I want to participate but I have more important job with May. So I went on       leave today. May you said you have something important to tell. What is it? 


I will tell you said May and fixed the last round. They finished the last round silently. No jokes no words. Mapuii drank the lees from the wine glass and put it on the table “Bada maaja aagaya, with the magic moments in the bottle.” she Said.  Kyra put her glass on the table and said “They change the  God given moments into real golden moments of life.  Mapuii was amused at that answer, only to tease Kyra she asked “then what about those moments you spend on bed with Mayur ? What do you call those moments?


“Saitan! You are asking adult questions!! That is heaven. Then the time stops. There is no question of moments (time).” She stopped for a while and continued “But Unfortunately he is not calling me like once he used to.” Her voice sounded sad. And happiness faded out of her face. Her voice blurred “I fear that heaven is slipping out of my hands now.” Said Kyra. "Shaayad doosari ladakee ka jaal mein fas gaya. (perhaps some other girl  hooked him up)"

Said Mapuii.  


“Stop teasing Kyra, she is already worried” Meghana scolded Mapuii and said to Kyra " I am     now going to tell you the important thing I promised to you. Mayur is a nice gentleman. He is a nice artist. Said Meghana. Is this what you want to tell?


Let me continue please…. Pleaded Meghana.  Mapuii and Kyra became silent. May said “ He has drawn my picture instantly .. I could not believe  just in two minutes! Can you believe this!  May was showing her pleasue and surprise at Mayur’s skill. Kyra held her head and rubbed her temples “ Uh! Come to the point. I know all this. He has also drawn my picture.”

Mapuii pounced on May like a tigress for her digression. “Oky oky said May and defended herself with her hands she said “ I have seen Mayur at his studio.” With out giving any chance to May to utter a single word Kyra pushed her out. Come on show me his studio demanded Kyra.  You are so stupid Kyra we don’t have a vehicle how can we go now. Kyra called the taxi within no time and said “ Like this ( we can go)”


Oh My my you are so fierce Kyra said May. They got into the taxi. May told the driver Alpha 2 sector. The taxi move.  Mapuii asked Kyra “ why didi not you buy a car ? You have a good salary?  "Where is the money?" Said Kyra and laughed at Mapuii.  Mapuii was very angry “ what have you done with the money earning and burning in bars and massage parlous? " Her face turned red. Kyra smailed and said “Can you guess what I have done with the money?” Mapuii said “ Satta naash ho jaav, mujhe kya chatty!!!! She turned her face.


After a while Kyra “showed the picture of an apartment in her mobile. It is very elegant stately. With awesome lawns and lipid large pools and fountains It looked like Delhi university premises. She was stunned to see the name of the apartment “Mayank Apartments”  she instantly asked “have you bought a flat? where is it?” It heard like a shout. Kyra was little bewildered at her enthusiasm but quietly answered “ I bought a flat but not for myself. Said Kyra. “ May was puzzled “ you mean you bought it for Manu?” He eyes have grown large when she asked that question.  “Yes Manu serves the society with unselfish devotion. She is far away from selfish feelings, She saved my life, nothing is greater than life. So I want to gift her this house. It must be a top secret. Don’t tell her.” said Kyra.


May and Ma were out of senses. Slowly Mapuii opened her lips and said “Kyra you are no less than Manali. You both look like two mountains.” The taxi reached knowledge park three Alpha 2 sector. Mayur studio is very near said May and asked the taxi to stop.  Mapuii tought to helself “This is where we once saw Mayank He must be Mayur.”  They walked to the Mayur studio. Here here I saw Mayur studio. There is a departmental store in place of the art studio.  Tears were rolling in the eyes of Kyra.


  1. Then where is Mayank(Mayur) now? How would be the future of these two girls?

  2. Vivek Panidt the detective in Bharatavarsha lives in Delhi. I hope you remember. He will trace out who Mayur is. Lakuma is also mentioned in this Novel. How is the friendship between Kyra and Manu?

  3. Wow.waiting to see the entry of Vivek?Relations are heart touching.