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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Neues Leben -6

Volks wagon is floating like a boat on the Greater Noida express highway. Mapuii was driving slowly. May sat beside Mapuii. Mapuii was silent and she looked contemplative. May said “I know what you are thinking of” oh yeah then tell me what I am thinking of said Mapuii. “ You are thinking of what happened between Mayur and Kyra. Am I right? Said May. Mapuii quickly replied “No you are wrong. I am thinking of Manalini. May be you are thinking of what happened between them.” 

May: No I’m thinking of my boss.” 

Ma: What? Thinking of your boss?  “you are in a relaxed mood. I don’t believe.

I don’t think of Kyra but Mayur. He is very attractive and sexy. I am thinking of Mayur and  I am also thinking of my boss. Why? Cannot we think of two things? 

To hell with your Boss! Where did you see Mayur ?

Only in the photo that Kyra showed us. 

But I actually saw him twice. First time I saw him at Nainital bank and second time, this morning. Said Mapuii. "Mapuii tell me aren’t you in relaxed mood? You look a little preoccupied." Said May

Just than the car was crossing a pub. May jokingly asked Mapuii to stop the car at the pub and suggested that Mapuii should have another round. Mapuii showed mock anger and said “ don’t you want to go home safe?”  They both laughed. 

Even if I drink my preoccupation won’t go away. Because I am puzzled about Manali. I am more puzzled about my boss. Said May.

Please May refrain from speaking about your boss. I too have a job and boss. I don’t talk about my work and office on Sunday at a party hour. 

I am not talking about office. It is very personal. Let me come to the point Om wants to use our flat he wants to bring a lady he is asking me to spare the bedroom for an hour. When May finished Mapuii looked at her in dismay. 

Oh my .. my.. this is strange. I can’t trust.  

First you did not believe now you don’t trust. 

I don’t allow this in our flat. 

I have told him the same don’t worry but tell me why are you worried about Manalini? Said May. The car reached knowledge park 2 which is 4 Km from scarlet bar. You are driving too slow said May. May stopped the car. She downed the window and stuck her head out. May saw a tall man. He is none other than Mayur. Mapuii was talking to the man. “ Hello Mayur , are you going to Noida? Come one in.” she offered him lift. The man looked irritated. No, thanks. I am not going to Noida. Even if I go to noida I won’t get into your car. I am not Mayur I am Mayank. His voice was firm. He moved away.  

Mapuii pulled the car. She looked more puzzled. She was driving fast. 

 May turned on the music. It was Ramstein’s   Ich will dass ihr mir vertraut  (I want you to trust me). Ich will dass ihr mir glaubt.  (I want you to believe me.)  Ramstein’s hoarse voice is mixed with heavy beat. The German song was going on. 

Mapuii “ how can we believe  How can we trust his words? May shook her drowsy head and said “ what is the difference between believe and trust? I don’t know.

Trust means believing in reliability in someone’s words or ability whereas believe means accepting something that has no proof. Said Mapuii. 

Really great! I am elated!! I never expected that you could resolve my doubt so simply.

Mapuii laughed and continued “ But it is not easy to resolve my doubt. 

Should I believe that Mayur and Mayank are two ? (There is no proof )

Should I trust Mayank’s words? ( who said that he was not Mayur)

What kind of man is Mayank? 

Uh are you going to marry him?  Why do you bother? So much 

I am not going to marry him but perhaps Manalini is in love with him. You know she never talks to men. She doesn’t even look at men such Manali started liking Mayur. No no Mayank.  

May: Are you sure?  

Ma: Why should I lie to you? 

“Oh really! Tell me tell me how did it happen?”

She explained what happened in the car when she was dropping Manali. 

By then the car reached Noida sec 63 Lavanya apartments. Mapuii  parked the car in cellar.  May said “ Actually Manalini Kyra should be here in Noida because IBM is in sec 62 which is just walking distance. In the same measure you must be in greater Noida because you are working in Greater Noida.  Which company you work in Greater Noida?” 

I was working for Align connections in Noida. Recently I joined fare portal in Greater Noida. It is a domestic call center. My previous job was in Noida that is why I am here. Bye the bye what is your company? 

Mapuii: I am working in Opalina technologies. Kyra and Manalini  are in greater Noida  partly because of their previous jobs and partly because of Ky.

They both got into the lift and May pressed 3. The lift started moving up. 

May: If Ky can influence Manalini why ky yields to Manalani? There must be a strong reason. We need know it.  The lifted stopped . They entered their flat in the third floor. “First we need good sleep!” said Mapuii. They went to bed.  


  1. O my god! Suspense started. Mayur and Mayank both are same? How would be the future of Manalini?

  2. I well understood the difference between
    trust and believe. Now I am seeing the writing style of poolabala sir

  3. Now I found the writing style of poolabala sir

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