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Monday, July 19, 2021

Neues Leben -7

 Devaki stood before the mirror in bright red saree and deep black blouse. Her brighter golden complexion is throwing challenge to the red saree. She looked resplendent with her vibrant feminine charms.  Although she is 45 she has the looks of 35. It is hard to believe that she remained as a single mom having such a fantastic figure and color.

She opened the tiny silver pot and took a pinch of sindhoor. She went into blissful mood applying it in her hair on the forehead. Her son who looked at her laughed gently. She sensed that the laughter means a woman's beauty is meant for man not for the mirror" Devaki observed that and  turned back.  “Kanhaya why are you laughing?” Devaki said severly.  Yes it is true the beauty and charm of a woman are for a man, but there are some unfortunate women who merely exhibit their beauty before the mirror. Devaki is one among them.

 Her son remained silent and did not respond. Devaki said “Accha when did you wake up?  “An hour ago.” He said.  “Do you have any interview today? ” He was silent. Devaki said again “Needless to ask you this question your sleepless eyes say that you spent late into night preparing for the interview. I have been praying to God to give you a good job but he is not listening to my prayers”

"I have to start early. The interview is in Faridabad." He said. I will give you tea. Said Devaki and got into kitchen. Kanhaya went into the bathroom. When he came out of the bathroom after five minutes tea and breakfast were waiting for him on the dining table. Kanhaya sat at the breakfast table. His mother came to him. put some money in his pocket and started working at the sewing machine. It was an electric machine. Devaki has the expertise to stitch ready made garments. 

Kanhaya started eating and looked at his mother casually from the dining table. He was startled to find a big heap of jeans pants. Besides there was a heap of shirts. "Maa ey kya hai? Why did you bring shirts in addition to pants?" her son said. "Koi nai beta, I have to put buttons to these shirts." she said.  He knew that his mother was planning to buy him a motor cycle for his birthday. “I can’t see you taking too much of load. I just don’t want a motorcycle.” He told his mother.  Devaki said “hum.. you can not see your mom working hard. I can’t see my son traveling in buses. 

You have been working very hard  for more than a decade. ever since he(father) left you. You have taken the burden of my studies on your shoulders. I finished my studies but could neither get a job nor earn money. I earned a bad reputation as a wastrel and loafer in the entire family and friends circles. Kanhaya’s face became gruesome his throat drew tight. when he finished. “How dare they call my son wastrel! I will tear them into pieces.” Said Devaki.

 Kanhaya took the file and he was about to go beta why don’t you meet the third floor girl May once. Maaa he almost shouted. I know why you want me to go. I don’t want to work in a call center. More over I don’t want job on the basis of others recommendation.” Said kanhaya who reached the door. "I am not asking you to meet her for job. just  give her the tea that I have prepared" said Devaki.  “Mein nahein gaavoonga maa.” He said and opened the door. “You are so timid to talk to girls and how can I find a girl for you.”  “First you marry and be happy in life." "Hai hai may marriage. Kya baat kar rahe ho?"  Devaki was nonplussed. Kanhaya  shut the door and went away.


When Mapuii woke up at 8.00 Meghana had left for work. “Oh this girl had gone to work. Thought Mapuii and went into kitchen. she was trying to prepare tea. Hardly had she lighted the stove when she heard the sound of the anklets. She knew that it was ground floor Devaki. Mapuii went and opened the door. She saw an angelic beauty standing at the door.  Oh Mirchi aunty.  Come in come in she took her in. they both sat on the sofa. Devaki took a small face.  When all the boys call you Mirchi aunty what did you do? Asked Mapuii jovially. “I felt embarrassed. You are not a boy anyway!” Said Devaki.  If I were a boy I would kidnap and marry you. Said Mapuii.

 Devaki brought two cups from the kitchen and poured tea into them. You wake up Meghana I brought tea for both. Said devaki. “But she has gone. She has first shift duty from 6.30 to 2.30.  replied Mapuii.  "What should I do with other cup?" Said Devaki. “ you take too take it.” They started sipping tea. Suddenly Devaki noticed a small note on the desk beside the sofa and handed it to Mapuii.

 May has written it to Ma. Ma has read it loud. “Thanks for your company. I felt happy. Sorry I could not even show my face due to early morning shift. We can enjoy together in weekends. – May”  when Mapuii finished Devaki said “ Dosti hogaya?”  “Yes but I never thought it would happen. She looked like a machine with her shift duties. When I am in office she is at home. When I am at home she is asleep or out for something.” Devaki laughed “ It is a few weeks since she  joined you. Naturally it takes some time to make friendship. Ikatta khana hai peenaa hai. Tab badeda pyar. Where did you eat together?  Asked devaki.

Ikatta khaaya nahee magar ikatta peenaa suru kardiya. ( we did not eat together but started drinking ) said Mapuii. "Ay sab chod! Why don’t you marry? " Said Mappuii. “ "Hai.. Hai.. how can I marry with a grownup son! What does he think of me?! What does the world think?!"

 But don’t you like to marry and have a man in your life? Look Devaki I don’t know about your son. I neither met nor talked to him but I know that when we hide our ambitions and desires we suppress them. That is not good for health.  

You are quite open. Rather you.. you don’t hide your personality but all people can’t be like you. Said Devaki.  I like you my sweet sister. Thanks for the tea, now I must be going to office.  Devaki went back.  Mapuii entered her bathroom.


"Kyraa,  are you still lying in the bed? We have to travel 25 kilometers."  Manalini entered Kyra’s bedroom. She wore a white saree and black blouse and looked like fresh lotus.  Kyra looked dull.  manalini approached her " I am ready. don’t you come to office?" She shouted at Kyra. "No baba , I can’t go to office today. I am not well." said kyra.  Manalini touched her forehead. “There is no temperature! But go to doctor or take medicines. And message me if need any help.  Said Manalini to kyra. She took her lunch box  and moved. She went up to the door and came back “ Should I stay back today for you?” said Manalini. “ chal ay koi nahee! “ she chased Manalini up to the door. When the lift moved kyra entered her bed room and jumped with joy. Just then she saw glow in her mobile. It was a message from Agrawal. “ I am on the way. She read it loud and went into bath with great alacrity.

She looked like nymph or a siren in small clothes when she stood before the mirror. She looked at her bosom, waist and slowly turned back to look at her massive hips.  

In anticipation of a great play her body quivers. Thrilling chills are passing up her spine.  Each passing minute increased her heart beat. She touched her heart. It was throbbing. The bell rang.  She ran up the door and struck by the thought of Manalini. Kyra felt guilty of herself because she was doing all these things without the knowledge of Manalini. She looked through the peep hole and was awe struck at the charming figure. Her senses stepped out of her into a different world. She opened the door. Agarwal stepped in with a masculinity and magnetism.  Agarwal lifted her up like a baby and took her into the bedroom. “Can’t you wait? Said Kyra. I can but the time won’t. He dropped Kyra on the bed. kyra lay on the bed and turned back. Her raised hips are challenging his senses.   He planted a kiss on them. It was followed by a series of loud smacks. It was a titillating experience. She was getting wet. Kyra suddenly turned to him and said. “Stop”   “ I am in no mood to stop. ” He  said.

She ran into the living room and sat in the sofa.  He came on to her. She pushed him away. He was quite confused. I am too not in a mood to stop but … “ she stopped there. He sat in front of her. He understood something matters. He said “ You are hesitating about friendship ethics.? You are not cheating Manalini. “How do you know her name? Kyra looked aghast. “I will tell you those things later” said Agarwal and continued “You know that your beauty would be stolen. Time is the super stealer. Before the super stealer robs you of your curves and charms you should enjoy them in the fullest. Said Agarwal passing his finger along her body line.

It is still a wonder to me. When I was coming back home from scarlet bar we met by chance. You dropped me by your car.  Even our meeting at gym was a chance. Even Our first union was a chance. I don’t even know your name?  exclaimed Kyra. “Oh! if that bothers you listen.. I am Mayur Agarwal miss kyra Chattopadya. We hail from Madhya pradesh. My father is Girish Agarwal. He is a lawyer in Indore high court. My mother is a Professor in Maharani Laximibai PG College. You want my gotra and other details? He asked. Tension disappeared in Kyra’s face.  I am sorry Agarwal, I mean Mayur agarwal. But I suggest that we go to a hotel instead of doing in my apartment. Mayur looked disappointed. "Kyra hotels require lot of details with proofs.  It is not advisable. I cannot go to my flat either because my parents came to see me. They are home now.   If you don't mind  we can go to my friend’s place.  Kyra was silent for a while. Mayur sat beside her. He lay his hand on her thighs. Kyra pushed his hand. Mayur kissed her on her neck. She could not resist. They both stood up and hugged each other. They locked their lips while his hands were groping all over her curves. “ let’s go” she said and they moved out.

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  1. Like Bharatavarsha in this story also we are seeing different characters.What is the purpose of Devaki character?What is going to happen between Manlini, Kyra and Mayur Agarwal? Waiting with suspense for the conclusion.