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Monday, July 26, 2021

Neues Leben -14

 “Manu, Manu, come out!!” Kyra was shouting standing at the bathroom door. There was no response form Manalini. Kyra started knocking at the door. Hardly had she begun knocking when Manu opened the door. Ay kya bartameejee hein! Said Manu as she opened the door. How long you bath? Are alone or your somebody is there? Saying so she peeped in for fun. “Shut up rascal!”  Shouted Manu looking angrily at Kyra. “Don’t be so angry Manu, you have right to have a lover. “Don’t be silly Kyra.”  Said Manu. It is not silly. It is wise to enjoy everyday. Don’t wait for tomorrow your dreams my become regrets.

 Manu wrapped a towel around her body. Her breast looks like a pair of stiff tennis ball. Water is dripping off her hair and nose and falling in the cleavage. Ther cleavage was deep. Kyra looked down Manu’s thighs were strong like pillars. Her body is curvaceous like a well finished sculpture. Kyra said “You must get married soon. Tell me when areyou going to marry. “Shut up. Go and take bath. Devaki is coming I must get ready.” Manu came out Kyra went in.

When Kyra came out from bath wrapping a towel around she saw Devaki and Manu on the sofa. Manu is wearing the peech color saree.  Ay you are wearing my saree. Shouted Kyra. It is not your saree. It is orange colour. It is mine. Said manu. “You have awesome personality but if you don’t keep it covered it will be stolen.” Said Devaki.  Kyra wrapped her towel tightly. Manu switched on the tubelight and showed that it is not peech color saree. Kyra agreed that she was confused.  Why do you buy similar colours? They get changed.”Said Mapuii as she entered with May. “What is wrong if they wear each other’s saree by mistake.” Said Devaki.  “If sarees change there is no problem. The husbands are not changing. Right?”  Said Mapuii. All laughed.

 Devaki behin look Manu’s marriage must be celebrated as early as possible. Said Kyra. What is so urgent? she is in love with a boy anyway? Replied Devaki. “ Because my marriage depends on her marriage. We both want to marry at the same time.” said Kyra.

No first Devaki’s marriage, wo meri bade behin lagathaa hein.( First my elder sister’s marriage later my marriage.) Said Manu. All looked at Devaki. Devaki utted her usual “Hai hai how can I marry when I have a grown up son. Everybody shouted at her. She looked at everybody with fear filled eyes and said “ first my son’s marriage,then my marriage”all laughed and aughed. Finally you committed said  Manalini and walked with Devaki to the taxi.  Before going Manalini said Kyra “reach home early.”


 Ky May and Ma reached Dwaraka by metro.   Dwaraka sector 6 Mayank Apartments: It is a beautiful place. Said Mapuii walking in the lawns of the Apartments. There is a park and and a fountain too. There is greenery all over. And  the greenery is promoting peace. They roamed and played outside apartment for an hour then entered the apartments. Ky has take the first floor. Her Number was 101. Mapuii looked through the glass windows. The nature reveals the romantic perspective of live. May looked down and saw a beautiful swimming pool. The construction work was almost over. They are giving the final touches. With all all conceivable modern amenities Mayank Apartment looks like a heaven.   The apartments are fantastic. How much does a Triple bedroom cost? asked May. “ One crore twenty five lakhs.” Said Kyra. You are paying a big price for the friendship sai May. Shut up May. I am expressing my gratitude in the biggest way possible to me. Both Mapuii and May clapped automatically.

They went out into dwaraka streets. They entered small shops. Kyra bought bangles and beads. May also bought small things like home sandles and nighties. May bought a saree for Mapuii. Mapuii wondered how she could wear.  Then they went to Miracle spa. Bengali babu Ashitosh greeted them and inquired why they are not visiting like before. Kyra smiled and kept quiet. Mapuii and May had massage.  May asked kyra not to lose fun just because she loved somebody. But kyra was unmoved. If you love somebody then tell me… before May answered the lady came to call them.  May and Ma  both went into different chambers.


The stress of walking and shopping is removed by the massage. Said May. They got back to metro station and entered Drool kitchen under metro station.  They have sit in a corner and waiting for the server. The Hotel was noisy because it was lunch hour and it was metro station. Why don’t we have beer said Mapuii. Kyra ordered beer and parotas and alu gobhi.three beers were brought and served. They said cheers for Myank apartments.  They started sipping slowly.  Did you have happy endings Kyra asked May. Happy endings with a lady?!  She asked me I said No thanks. I can have it at home also.” said May and winked at Mapuii.  Kyra laughed “So you two got physical? Said Kyra.  Mapuii got puzzled. Her face turned red.  “Nothing that sort we are not lesbians.  I was just kidding.” Clarified  May.  Mapuii took a breath and relaxed. May said to Mapuii “ May you are so perplexed when I said I had happy endings at home ( pleasure).” Because you said we have physical intimacy. Said Mapuii. Anyone who has sexual relation will not open up. It must be a joke.” Kyra said “ people exhibit at most hipocracy at sex. Nobody will tell you the truth.” Kyra appreciated May.   May then said to Kyra“ people have dangerous hypocricy even at marriage. “ Kyra is now perfectly puzzled. 


Sex is the greatest gift to man by god. But powerful people and wicked kings have robbed ordinary people of this pleasure.  Illegal and incest sex was common in all religions. But Hindus blame that Bible has incest immoral sex and Christians blame that Hindu Puranas has incest and immoral sex.   Gods of all religions had free sex.  Italy is the home of wife swapping. Today an estimated 500,000 couple are officially swapping partners in private sex clubs. A quarter of Italian couples regularly take part in wife swapping. It happens in car park to cemetery everywhere. If India is known for Kamasutra.  Italy is known for  Casanova. The former explained the theory and the latter showed it in practice. 

 Casanova, once said "cultivating whatever gave pleasure to my senses was always the chief business of my life; I never found any occupation more important". The kings either in Eurpoe or in India married for their politician gains. In most cultures, marriage was less about love or sex than it was about business and political relationships.

The beer was over. The lunch was over but without their knowledge. Kyra said “ your words are really thought provoking and engaging.”  “Because she spoke truth. And truth is spoken only to deserving people.  Truth comes only when the friendship stands the test and proves” Said Mapuii she looked at May with adoration and love. You were confused in the beginning that Maywas not open with you. Said Kyra. Mapuii admitted that it is true. And also also said " Now our friendship is so strong that I know things that you don't know.  Said Mapuii. Kyra had the look of disbelief.  "May was divorced and had a son in her place.” said Mapuii coolly.  Kyra felt like a bomb exploded in her head. Mapuii exploded the second bomb about Manalini. Kyra became numb. They got into the metro. The cool refreshing air has no influence of Kyra.  Kyra’s thiking stopped. She was listening to the metro sound.


  1. All people enjoyed a lot .But what is the bomb about Manalini?

  2. Have you enjoyed reading? Is it interesting? Are the characters lovable? Or at least likeable?