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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Neues Leben -15

Meghana brought two cups of tea. She gave one cup to Manu and she started sipping sitting beside her in sofa. “I could not go for seva(social work)” lamented Manu. Stop it Manu, I'm sorry, Manalini, please take rest at least when you are not well. 

“I am doing social work for my peace of mind.  Kyra is not staying at home she often goes out. I know that she has a problem. Perhaps I have hurt her without my knowledge. She can not tell me. I don’t understand unless she tells me. I don’t know what happened.” Manu was talking and talking. Shhhh… now the time is 11 O’ clock, I wil give you medicine take it and sleep. You are thinking too much. You need rest” said meghana once more.    “ I am very restful I am simply sitting.”

Oh come on! Manu, I am sorry Manalini. Your mind needs rest.

You can call me Manu. I have no problem.

But I have a problem. I can not call you Manu.

Please May! don;t distance me! Asked Manalini earnestly. “Devaki has gone to Meerut.. while saying like that with Manu, Meghana went into kitchen and took her bag from the kitchen table. She took out Magic drops. And took sprite from the fridge and gave it to Manu.  While she was drinking May asked where Kyra had gone. 

“ perhaps to Dwaraka to meet her Bengali frined Ashitosh”  So you know why she goes to Dwarka? Asked Meghana. Manu started sipping the drink. “ Yes , it is natural to feel like going to people of her place and language. More over he is a far off relative to her.” said Manu after finishing the drink. May fixed another drink on the kitchen table, brought it to Manu gave her. Manu was sipping the second round. May asked her “How do you know all these things?” “ Kyra herself told me.” Said manu. May laughed and laughed.

May I heard that You and Manu are not at talking terms. Is she angry with you?

Yes, It happens now and then. Don’t take it seriously. But I am angry with her.

Why …. Megha…. Naaaa, magic drops made her sleepy. Meghana took her to bedroom and laid her on bed. What happened between you? please tell me. Said Manu. “ She told Kyra about my past history. Kyra must have told you also” said May.  Manu slipped into sleep. May went into kitchen and started cooking.


Manu woke up and looked at the clock. It is 1 O’ clock. Food is ready. Manu said. The medicine is very effective. Tell me the name of the medicine. Asked Manu. May smiled and said “ when you need it phone me I will get you.” she said.  They sat at the dining table. Meghana prepared egg curry and sambar.  They started eating. Manalini said

“ If She tells about your past why are you so upset?”

Do you still remember the conversation?” said May.

 “Why I am not drunk or mad’ replied Manu.

 Yes , of course, but you see, It is a little secret I kept for myself.”

Manu stopped eating don’t worry we are friends and we should become more than friends. Manu pleased May in such a way that she agreed to visit Manu with Mapuii burying the hatchet. They sat in the sofa and started watching a movie. It was a love story. “The hero and heroine are in their forties and fifties. But they are acting like college students. In all languages it is same. They can act like their age. Why should they act like 20 or 25 years?”  Asked Manu.

మధ్య వయసు స్త్రీల జీవితం అంటే ఎవరికీ గౌరవం లేదు. వారు ప్రేమకి పనికిరారా? రెండవ వివాహం అంటే చులకన, కట్టు బానిసల్లాగైనా ఒకే వివాహంలో బ్రతకాలి , ఆత్మ వంచననే  పాతివ్రత్యం అనుకుంటూ కాలం వెళ్లదీయాలి. మోసపోయిన స్త్రీల కథలు అదే పరిస్థితులలో ఉన్నవాళ్ళకి కూడా నచ్చవు. పేదవాడంటే పేదవాడికి కూడా గౌరవం ఉండదు. 

What are you saying? Which language is that?

I am speaking in Telugu. Nobody has any respect for the middle aged woman. That is what I am saying.

You have understood the world very well. Everybody wants teenager’s romantic stories. Middle aged people are also humans.

Look at Devaki, she thinks that it is wrong to remarry. Fortunately She has a good son. Now many crime stories we watch on TV end up in murders … for one reason.. an unsatisfied woman has a desire. The reason is the husband but the pain and punishment are for the wife.

True we must tell a small secret to Devaki. She has been admired and adored  by a man who perhaps is in love with her. said Manu.

Wonderful, Let us celebrate!! It is a good news. said May

But I have no mood. Said Manalini.

I know your problem. I will solve it with your help. Kyra believes that you have trapped her lover Mayur.

OMG!! What is this!! How can she think like that?

While coming from the kitty party you went to Mayur and gave him one lakh. Is it ture or not? Only after that you might have seen change in Kyra. Am I right?

You are right. I have given the money to Mayank. May please tell me who has seen that?

Mapuii over heard Mayur saying that to his friend in the bar. 

She saw you with Mayur a few times. Actually She suspects that Mayur is a look like of Mayank. She thinks that it is the double game played by Mayur.

Manu was dumb. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.


  1. O my god! Misunderstandings between Kyra and Manalini? But where is that Mayur(,Mayank?).How the Devaki's life takes a turn?