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Monday, July 12, 2021

Neues Leben -5

Ma,Ky and May lifted their wine glasses and spelled out “cheers!!”
Ky, you are least expected today because Manali is on Vrath today.
It is a wonder that you have come for the booze. Said May with ky.

Manali is quite emotional there's a way to convince Manali.” Ky said. In fact I have several tricks to convince or get rid of people. she added.

I know you are full of wits but please tell me how to get rid of my boss. May asked ky earnestly.  They all finished the first round. Mapuii fixed three smalls. Everyone was enjoying her drink .  Kyra began “ Look! what's the problem with your boss?” "Aap ko dimak kharab hogaya kya? Isvakth bhee aap aafees problems baat kar rahey ho! This is our time to enjoy. Tell me about your lover.” Mapuii scolded both friends. 

May also showed equal interest and said “ Who is that guy tell me, please please!”. Kyra has no other to go than to start. A few months ago I was going to Unisex fitness centre.   It is a gym for ladies and gents.  There we met each other.  He has great looks and body . He used to spend more time on watching  me more than on doing workouts. Said ky “ Yes Gym is a great place to meet men or women.” Said May. Mapuii threw an irritated looked at May as she disturbed Kyra’s flow

May looked apologetic. Kyra continued. It took a week to establish eye contact. When the eye contact was established we used to smile at each other. One day he directly asked me for a night club party. That day it rained. It was cold. I was horny. So I invited him to my flat.” Kyra stopped for a while. Mapuii became  more enthusiastic. “Wow!”  Said Mapuii.

How can you ever do that? sadi May. Kyra looked sharp at May “ Meghana it is not necessary to act anymore. If you continue to play lose and tight I don’t even like to meet you” May kept quiet for a few seconds and said “What about Manalini “ said. “Manalini went to her home town she was not at home. We had drink and..” kyra stopped and started serving the third round. 

That’s all ? nothing more? Said May curiously. Mapuii snatched the bottle and said “ I will fix the pegs. you continue said Mapuii. “This time large”  said May who finished drinking at last. “Okay “ replied Mapuii cheerfully, she then turned to Kyra  and commanded her “ tell me what happened later”. “ it was the most beautiful experience     I ever had with a man.” Kyra said  finished. 

May and Ma exhilarated and asked several questions like what is his name? where does he live? What does he do?” Kyra was listening to them silently while drinking her wine. 

May said “Are you in love with him?” at this moment Kyra laughed and laughed Chehra dekho! You are as sentimental as Manalini. It was just a casual affair. Said Kyra. At least tell me his name. said Mapuii. We both were excited that we never asked each other for personal questions. People called him Agarwal at the gym.  I knew it. So did not ask his name. He knows my name. People at the Gym called me  Chatterjee.  I remember his family name. He is Agarwal.  Oh! you are Chatterjee! That means you are Bengali Brahmins. Said Mapuii.

What about agrawal ? said May. “ Agrawal community is the business   community. They are business minded and intelligent. Said Mapuii. Did you meet him later? Said May Of course He continued gym another month.I met him at the gym.”  “meeting means meeting on the bed” clarified May. “One more time we met in a party in southex. It rained again” Said kyra.  

"second time also it rained when you met. what a coincidence! said May.  when some lovers meet it certainly rains. It happened in Aizwal.  said Mapuii.  Oh stop discussing rain said May . she continued “So he is not coming to gym anymore. How can you meet him now? “I have no answer and I have no desire to meet him.” ky replied. 

 "Oh come on! He is such a handsome guy. How can you miss him."  Exclaimed Mapuii. "Yes I cannot miss him , that is why I have his picture.” Said kyra.  She opened  her   phone and showed his close up photo."Oh it is Mayur!! Mapuii had a blast in her head.   


  1. I too have a blast on my head .It is very tough to digest kyra's philosophy

  2. Still in confusion. Agarwal and Mayur both are same?

  3. Mayur can be the person's name then what about his family name? It could be Agarwal.

  4. Sir, I think in previous part you have mentioned both Agarwal and Mayur are same. Suppose you didn't do that now we also have that blast in our minds....