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Monday, February 1, 2021

Bharatavarsha Characters

Here are the novel characters in my imagination Malini has a round face and traditional look

Seeta Telugu actress or Shruti Kannada actress, who is more suitable?

Arunatara has a fiery face with more dignity and stature that comes with popularity

                         Kushbu- Tamil actress or Nlini Tamil actress who is more suitable ?                                                                  

Meenakshi is  Angelic Beauty. Her face can launch a thousand ships. She is succulent, rotund and rosy.                                               

Telugu actress Pavitra Lokesh or HIndi actress Vidyabalan  who is more suitable?

The top most beauty of the Novel LAKUMA is strong chubby and modern looking. I can not possibly imagine any other girl the Chennai beauty sitting on the stool Can you find similar personalities?

Avika Gor  - Yamuna - tender and lovable middle class girl;
Priyanka jawalkar - Ranjini Rich and Commanding beauty
       Telugu actress Praneetha - Nandini                    Sheela kaur -Valati                        

Hindi Television actress - Ashnoor kaur  or Telugu Hyderabad actress who is more suitable?

Anupama Parameswaran  has close resemblance to Parvati

    Mamilla Sailaja has close resemblance to Damani

Manjusha and Sandeepa in my imagination

Pandit in my imagination


  1. Malini - Sruthi
    Arunataara _ Nalini
    Meenakshi - Vidyabalan
    Sundari - Hyderabad girl

  2. విదిషపై, విదిష శక్తిపై రచయితకున్న నమ్మకం ఆమె పాత్రకు మరింత వన్నె తె‌స్తుంది.

  3. Seetha is looking young. That's why I preferred Sruthi. Nalini is looking more dignified than Kushboo. Vidyabalan is dignified and talented. Suitable for any character.