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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Thirty hour Labour - Thirty min Prog

 30 గంటలు శ్రమ - 30 నిమిషాల కార్యక్రమం  :: 30 hour Labour - Thirty min Prog

On 30th I was told by the DD authorities that they planned a one hour program on world Literature.     They invited me for the program as a speaker whom they call subject expert.    I gladly accepted.

 Anent the invitation I started preparing myself to deliver the best or rather it is my obsession to offer interesting and inspiring knowledge of literature and cultures of the world with the history of great poets and writers. How many people spend their time to watch such programs although I spend my precious sleep time. 

The program was on 2nd August , Monday. So I was literally on fire on 30th, 31st july and 1st  of August 2021. On 1st August Sunday night I slept at 12.30 and woke up at 2.00 in the night. 

 Our people can't receive new things - tell them things close to our culture. this is what I heard after I finished my preparation. This is very common in Andhra that for decades I have been listening these words from everybody. 

We preach our culture but don't not follow. We have to talk about literature but should not study.That is the norm here.  Students don't love language, they don't practice  they only attend the language classes mechanically. That is normal behavior of the student here. People work without any passion. We have to study technology and go abroad for a better job and better life.  Many people say that there is no life in India. Do you know why there is no life in India cuz our life is full of lies. 

Anyway I could deliver only half of what I planned because I had only 24 minutes available for the program rest for audience questions and two breaks. I have another program soon.

I hope I will get more time. if you watched the program let me know your feedback here.


  1. The problem is with the system not with the people. We can defeat a person. But it is very tough to change the system. Sir, you are a hard worker. You work hard on a task whatever you take up. But so many people don't like to work hard. They want easy tasks. You know present generations want to earn money in an easy method. I am seeing so many youngsters in my day to day life. Today is 3rd August. You mentioned here the program was held on 7th August. please change the dates.

  2. I was mistaken. Now I have corrected the dates.
    Thank you reader for correcting my dates.
    The program was on 2nd August , Monday. So I was literally on fire on 30th, 31st July and 1st of August 2021. On 1st August Sunday night I slept at 12.30 and woke up at 2.00 in the night.

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